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Main aur meri tanhayi..aksar yeh baatein karte hain

i’ve never been much into this blog thing, so don really know, wat u hav to write, n wat u r not supposed to.
i know just dis dat its a place to unwind ur mind’ thoughts,n open dem up, to unknown world of ppl. so, dat’s wat i’l try doin. omit me in case of errors 🙂

i’m a girl of too many thoughts, n less of work(lately!!). i think dere is very few times, wen dere’s nothin goin on in my head. although, it doesn’t lead to many great revelations, most of d times. but, wil share a few of dem.

1. I believe dat God has given us dis life, to see his beautiful piece of art. How beautifully and wid loads of hard-work, he’s created each n every thing, dat we call “world” today. it can be as simple as a stone, and it can be as big as …ummm??…humans!!
He gave us the special powers, called the five senses.. see, hear, smell, speak, touch or sense. These all work together, together wid d mind, so dat we can see, and admire d gud things around us. We can admire his ART. He gave us a heart, to feel, wat others feel…others’ emotions. To see, d rivers, d sun rising, d mountains, d birds chirping , d so-called-ugly insects crawling, d so-called-dangerous snakes, tigers, and so on.. yet they are all unique, n beautiful. each one of them needs to be seen closely, and dere beauty admired. many times, dere beauty lies in dere imperfections. U really need to love them, to like their imprefections!!!
In ancient times, wen he realised, we are not able to really admire dem, as much as he wanted us to, he improved our understandin. He gave us an element called curiosity. Which we have developed into, wat we proudly call “Science”. This was wat gave us almost everythin…thru nothin else dan ” discovery”. We learnt to “invent” so dat we can understand God’s Art better. We learnt to cure, so dat we provide a helping hand to those, who can’t help themselves. God gave us d ability to feel others’ sorrow, so that we can help them better. learn to live in brotherhood, in harmony.This is wat we call “interdependence” today. which is one of imp characteristics of “civilization”.
I know, wat comes to mind, is y dis desruction den. Den, God created dem too!! But, i think dis is also his way of maintaining a balance. Or, maybe,somethin else. Many times, we don understand y our elders took a decision, we, don understand d true intentions. Probably, we r not as far-sighted! same is d case wid God! maybe we r stil not dat far-sighted! 🙂

I think dis much is enough for one post! Got jus toooooo heavy!! I don know how much sense i made. But, i think u asked me to speak my mind. 🙂 So, i did exactly dat.
Hope u r intelligent enough to make out wat i tried sayin.