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Jaago re, Jaago re, Jaago re!

Looking at the newspapers nowadays, only one thought comes to my mind – What can I do? Is there anything that I can do which doesn’t call for my leaving my job and working for my country. Is there nothing that I can do which will be my bit to the nation?

I have always believed that Social Work should be a way of life for everyone, and not a life chosen by a few! I think if everyone takes over just a “Human” attitude then there will be no need for anyone called “Social Workers” or “Social Activists”.
But somehow I fail to find out how I can help?

Today almost whole of the country is burning, hit from all directions. Terrorism has taken a satan-like face and stature. People make jokes of how uncertain tomorrow is, so better enjoy today. Kids threaten each other like ” Chhup kar ja, nahi to tere pe bumb phod doonga”….instead of ” Chhup kar ja, nahi to itni zor se ghoosa maaroonga, ki yahin gir jayega”. Today, we don’t even think of going to the market for a casual stroll, unless there’s some essential needs. You can’t go for that occasional movie show that was the only source of your family outings, as you are not sure if it would be really safe, or there would be a bomb lying somewhere. No one wants a holiday with the threat of a bomb lying in the vicinity!

Kandhamal has local people taking up to killing their Christian brothers, raping the nuns whom they used to call “sisters”. How can one grow so emotionless!? In a matter of few days? I sometimes wonder is it really illiteracy that these ppl don’t understand that it’s wrong to kill anyone or rape a woman? I think no matter how much infuriating things one leader tells you, you cannot bring yourself to do such henious crimes until and unless you have some personal grudges involved. Rioting, blocking roads, pelting stones is sonething I can still expect people to do, “just-for-fun”, but murders..rapes..destroying churches.. I have serious doubts. In case of terrorism, there is still a reason that there is a long history of atrocities that have gone behind it, since ages. Almost every Muslim has had some bad experience because of which he must have felt sad atleast once that he’s a muslim! Mostly the people who have taken up to terrorism are ones who can relate to their own relatives, dear-ones dying in front of them. But, communal riots like Kandhamal, within the country are simply unjustified. I feel it’s nothing more than political parties playing their dirty games to get into power, to defame the other party, in power, just before elections. The face of politics was already a sham, but now it’s getting bloody day-by-day, and dangerous. Kerala, Orissa, Gujarat…the list is growing every year. But one thing that’s strikingly common in all these states is BJP
. And in my personal opinion, if anything I can do to stop it all, then it is to vote and keep it out of power! It’s becoming the face of Hinduism and RSS day by day…and that’s the root cause of all problems in India today. If we youths can do anything, then this is the time we should! And this is the least bit.

*PS: Please note that all the views posted here are my own and do not hold any relevance or personal grudge to any party or person.


5 thoughts on “Jaago re, Jaago re, Jaago re!

  1. Convincing views put in a very logical manner but i would just say just looking at one side of the picture isnt enough, How many terrorist attacked during BJP regimestats:When BJP was in center – Parliament, Akshardham, UPA- Bangalore(twice 2006 2008), Mumbai 2006, Delhi (twice 2005 , 2008), Jaipur(twice 2007 , 2008), Varanasi 2007, Surat 2008, Lucknow 2007 , faizabad 2007Tell me one anti terror law implemented by UPA. All they did was to cancel POTA and have a soft corner for terrorists. (remember Afzal guru delayed hanging)ofcourse, UPA does care about the people of the country, they do make a visit to the affected city and praise the resilience of the citizens.But ask them what have they given the common man – inflation , Volatility of stock market, mindless reservations on basis of caste.Hail Congress!!

  2. Hey Homer!Nice to read someone with a diff opinion. But, I somehow do not feel convinced with your defence for BJP. Reason being, just as I mentioned in my post, that all such incidents are nothing but pogroms in the face of terrorism, communalism etc. Most of them happen because of some political backing from the opposing parties. The politicians have become so hungry for power and so much money has got to be involved with this profession, that people go to any limits to be there, to get it.Yes, it’s true that POTA was demolished by UPA but the reason was because a lot of innocent people were being framed for serious charges like terrorism, murders etc, when they had nothing to do with it. POTA and all such laws give right to the police to take anyone accountable just on the basis of gut feeling. Even when no such crime had happened, they could take people into remand / custody. BJP used the law to get rid of so many innocent muslims (which has somehow become the hidden agenda of BJP). Also, any law is never repealed until and unless it’s being discussed in the Parliament and doesn’t win a 2/3rd majority in both the houses.Also, to add power to my view point, I would like to mention the US way of dealing with issues in their Parliament. There, when opposition accuses the Govt of any wrong doing or inaction, then they also list down the measures they would have taken if they were in power. Can BJP tell me what they would have done had they been in power instead of UPA? Revoke POTA to again start filling prisons with Muslims?Inflation is a result of US depression and India’s dependence on US economy is not something which has happened in past 5 yrs of UPA governance, but has been ever since 1947! On the contrary, in BJP rule the farmers and our agriculture was most severly affected. The suicides of so many farmers in Vidharba, Punjab, etc (to which UPA allotted a lot of amount. Sry! have forgotten the exact figures and details) was actually brought upon because of the policies adopted by BJP in their rule. And reservation has been called for by almost all the parties, and not just UPA. Almost whole of India knows that reservation is an election gimmick used by political parties to be portentous! It’s been refuted one and by all of the literary society of the country.Point is not to love one party and be against another. Point is to be AWARE. Know what is actually right and what is actually wrong w.r.t thw whole country. Point is to make Politicians accounatble! Accountable to the junta for each and every act and measure taken by them!

  3. I guess your comment is longer than your post 🙂 . Well I am also a pro-BJP guy for no particular reason. But I too believe the problem in India is not because of one party or another, it has more to do with people. Everybody in India knows what is wrong but nobody knows what is right. I always feel we Indians, are more reactive than active. As far as RSS or Bajrang Dal is concerned , one thing I cannot understand is why they are given such a free hand? They can beat up or vandalise anything without being punished. Like SIMI they should be banned too. And like you said lets hear from BJP and Congress what they will do not what the other has not done?But I think people are also accountable.Sensex is too external governed thing to be blamed on Government. But said so, they can always have measures to control it. The surplus FDI flow has made it so dependent on world economy fluctuations.Anyways making people aware of their responsibility is at least what we can do.Nice to read 🙂

  4. That’s the whole point I’m making that it’s high time that we ppl learn “reasons” for voting for a party than vote lamely.As for inflation, I do feel that we may just be overlooking the measures taken by our finance minister. Market is not just about measures, it’s a lot about how people feel too. What needs to be done is to get ppl to believe in our own economy and not get scared by the fluctuations in others’.

  5. The point i wanted to make by putting up several instances of terrorist attacks was- what has Congress done in order to cull these attacks. anything, ANYTHING??? Doesnt that indicate them having a soft spot for terrorism or just lack of decisiveness – A weak leadership at the top?You say reservation being called by every political party – we all know idhar caste based politics chalta hai – who would oppose it but why go for it in the first placei agree ppl should be more aware abt the party they are voting but would just like to say that the root cause of all problems isnt just Bajrang dal vandalism!!

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