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I fell in love with fishes yesterday!

I had gone to give my customary Mock yesterday. I usually stand outside the reception, waiting for the students of the last slot to come out, so that we can get in quickly. But, today, I had reached a li’l early, so I decided to sit inside the reception, which was empty. The room was silent and dark, with no tubelight on. Only some sunshine was coming down from a window, with the rest of the windows well-curtained. And, the light fell directly onto an aquarium. I went near the aquarium to look closely if the fishes inside were real or artificial. I was getting a feeling that they were real. When i reached near, I realised, to my utter joy, that they were actually real.
I sat onto the bench kept close. One..Two….3..4.. I counted…there were complete 7 fishes in there! I think this is the highest of the number I’ve ever seen in a school of fishes. I felt a surge of joy grow within me…yet again! And what a splendid sight it was! Ohh God! The first thought that crossed my mind, when I looked at them closely, was “God is indeed a maestro! A great painter….He proved it, yet again”!
The 7 fishes….3 are orange in color….an orange which glistens to yellow when sunlight falls on it. It’s fins….Ohh! How to explain those beautiful fins. Simply inexplicable. They are so thin…so thin that I felt if I touch them, I won’t feel there’s anything in my hands. Maybe the fish will slither out of my hand as a rabbit does, with you left with a feeling of it…its skin’s touch on your hand…just so soft, so surreal. It’s body looked as if designed by a painter specially… one found sometimes on our Sarees, and stuff. Simple orange base, with spats of black at some places….irregularly thrown. Remember the wings of mosquitoes or flies in your house…same stuff fins…but transparent…rather, translucent…scientifically speaking ๐Ÿ™‚ The fins were spotted too, the same way.
Then I saw the eye sockets – “the” eye sockets!!!! They made me dubious whether the fishes were really real or just a marvellous piece of man’s replication technique!? They never blink!!! God!! Can you believe. I think the animated movie – Nemo, even there, fishes had eye lids, which they moved. But, I realised now that fishes don’t have eyelids.. They simply have eye sockets from which they look out. They just move those complete sockets to see at different places! They keep looking for bubbles! Silly na! I know. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, it was all very beautiful. Made me feel as if I’m in a different world.
Then there were 2 silver fishes. There complete body was silver, and had fins which had a tinge of orange. As if someone had brushed it along a lil. Their bodies…ohh, so thin! Just like Kareena…zero size! When they moved parallel to the wall of the aquarium….simply flat! You don’t feel as if they have any width at all! And they were completely love-lorn creatures…both of them were always together…fighting, moving up n down each other’s body…running for bubbles at the top…I think mistaking it for food…. ecstatic, I was.
Whatever it was….it was all beautiful and it made my day! ๐Ÿ™‚
Have a beautiful day ahead!

3 thoughts on “I fell in love with fishes yesterday!

  1. Before this I never thought that people keep artificial fishes in aquarium or may be I never came across any aquarium which had was always aquarium with real fishes for me.Nice description… ๐Ÿ™‚

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