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Should we or shouldn’t we???

I feel like breaking out of the shackles of the society. A society which thinks only about the rules, like Laws, and not about humanity…emotions…feelings. The situation becomes much dismal when everyone around you follows these rules like Bible. They think it’s absolutely right to go by these rules and these rules are the only way of life. I don’t know if they fear change, they fear society or they fear failure! Probably, it’s the last one. Any change, and new path brings a lot of challenges with it and you need to have a lot of substance, lots of guts, to believe in yourself, believe in your path and go ahead with it, all alone. Sometimes, even when everyone else is against you.
It doesn’t make much difference when the people against you are part of the mob. It becomes a litmus test only when the people standing opposite to you are your loved-ones. Part of the family that has been with you all your life…as you have known.
Is it right to forego your family members for something that you just think is going to be right for you? Let me make it more clear. Let’s take an example. You want to quit the job you are in. It’s the job which is well paying, it belongs to the line that you have pursued in your graduation, and you are almost settled. Still, you want to quit it. Since you want to quit it, that implies that you are really terrible there and your heart is completely caged working there. You tell your parents about it. After all, they are your parents, they are your near ones. Who else will understand you if not them!? You want to go for another profession, something that may need you to lose the hefty pay packet that you have right now. You will be less paid, but you really feel that you will be much happier. What do you think will be the response of your parents?
I know, for 99% of you, especially the ones belonging to NCR, the answer will be a complete NO! Their reasons will be: “Oh Dear, jobs are mostly frustrating. What’s the possibility that the next job you chose will be satisfying and you will be happy? After some years, you will have to get married. How will you support your family? Of course, the pay packet will play a major role then.”
I know many of us are those who would not even think of discussing this foolish thought with anyone, and would get all these reasons right in their minds, and drop the idea there and then.
But, is it right? Is it the way it should be? We know that this profession is going to be with us forever in our life. It’s been just 2-3 years in this line and we are already frustrated. Still, we don’t stand up and say that I won’t do it. We don’t because somewhere even we have a fear….fear of a debacle. The fear of losing on this untouched path is so hard that we don’t dare to even try. We fail to realise that failing and getting up to move on is what Life is! We don’t understand that it’s like repeating the same experiment as per the guidelines, every time, every day..the whole life…. Still, we don’t think it’s worth the effort.
And those who actually dare to think beyond the rule book, those who dare to dream….I want to ask one question. How do you differentiate that whether you are standing up for your dream, following the Lord Krishna’s path, as told to Arjuna in Gita or you are being adamant, and living in a world of fantasy. Whether you are following your heart, or you are still unaware of the problems and the practicalities life poses and that’s why you can think of thinking all this! How will you decide whether the path you have chosen is worth hurting your parents or is it about being dumb and thinking of yourself as Mature…. How’ll you differentiate whether your duty towards your parents is more important or your genial right to live as per your wish is more important?
The discussion remains open.

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Goodness never dies!

A few days back, a friend of mine was really upset. While crying over what had happened, he was most upset with the fact that he had been so good to people, he had never done anything wrong to people, or more so, never wished anyone’s ill, and still this happened to him. I just tried to console him, then, although I was at a loss of words.
Today, while I was coming to office, I thought of walking down rather than taking the usual rickshaw. It’s high time I started giving importance to my increasing length and breadth 😉
I had just turned round the corner after crossing the rickshaw stand when a rickshaw puller came around and said “Arre beta, kahan paidal jaoge, baith jao, usi taraf ja raha hoon, chhod doonga.” The person was hired by a girl for Spice Mall, and my office falls on the way. I offered him money when I got down, but he declined. The man is very old and I usually prefer taking his rickshaw than anyone else, coz I think he needs passengers more than others. I felt really happy with this gesture of his. He made my day. 🙂
I think these simple gestures of kindness, care, and affection towards people never fade. They remain in our hearts…forever. Today, this gesture of his, will always stay in my heart, wherever I go. And, I don’t think he did it as an act of returning my favor. It just came from his heart, just as it came from mine to help the poor old man.
I don’t know why I felt like correlating the two incidents but, somewhere, somehow, they are correlated in my mind. I feel that when we’re sulking, we always try to find a reason why this thing happened to me? We try to find some bad act of ours as a reason. But, actually, anything that happens doesn’t happen coz we were bad or evil person. It happens for “Good”! Just for our good. Although, we aren’t able to see that goodness right then, but it is definitely there. We just need to be patient, and need to believe that God does take care! He knows what is best for us, and he just prepares us for that best through these experiences. It is us who label it as “Good” or “Bad”.
If you have done something good to someone then it’ll come back to you. It definitely will… but not in the way you order it to. It’ll come in the way it should.
So, just relax and be calm, as…..”God’s there!”.

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2 days of eternity!

Today is 14th November, 08. No, the date isn’t that important coz it’s the children’s day, but coz it’s just 2 days to go before 16th November’08….the day for CAT’08. I’m sitting in the office with nothing to do. The last e-book I was reading, finished today. These 2 days are seeming like 20 yrs to me. Every second that passes reminds me that it’s few more days left for the D-Day. I don’t want to think about the enormity of the target, the importance of the day. I don’t want to attach so much importance to the day, coz it only adds to the anxiety and stress…which can prove devastating!

I’ve been able to keep my calm since quite some time now, and am patiently waiting for the day to come and pass. Let it be just another exam that I’m sitting in. Just enjoy the moments and don’t think anything further. That’s the main reason why I chose to come to office rather than sit at home, like everyone else. It seems as if almost, the whole office is appearing for CAT. These 2 days leaves have almost distinguished who’re appearing for CAT’08 and who all aren’t. Apart from maniacs like me, of course. But, I think some things are just destined to happen. You can’t avert them as hard you may try. Now, I came to office to pass time, and here I am struck, coz I can’t go anywhere, and have no work to do, free, for my wandering mind to wander wherever it has to.

I don’t feel like studying, I don’t feel like revising anything, even when I have loads of it. Almost everyone around me is either running with books here-n-there, or looking at me with questioning eyes “Where are your books?”! …..Sometimes, with all your mighty power, it’s impossible to keep the fear at bay. It has a tendency of creeping in from somewhere like water, and fill the space like air. Run where you can! Where can you, after all!!! Coz, it’s nowhere else but right inside you! Phew!

Anyways, I’m sure there will be many sailing with me in the same boat.

So, wishing them all the very best. Hope God be with you all.