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2 days of eternity!

Today is 14th November, 08. No, the date isn’t that important coz it’s the children’s day, but coz it’s just 2 days to go before 16th November’08….the day for CAT’08. I’m sitting in the office with nothing to do. The last e-book I was reading, finished today. These 2 days are seeming like 20 yrs to me. Every second that passes reminds me that it’s few more days left for the D-Day. I don’t want to think about the enormity of the target, the importance of the day. I don’t want to attach so much importance to the day, coz it only adds to the anxiety and stress…which can prove devastating!

I’ve been able to keep my calm since quite some time now, and am patiently waiting for the day to come and pass. Let it be just another exam that I’m sitting in. Just enjoy the moments and don’t think anything further. That’s the main reason why I chose to come to office rather than sit at home, like everyone else. It seems as if almost, the whole office is appearing for CAT. These 2 days leaves have almost distinguished who’re appearing for CAT’08 and who all aren’t. Apart from maniacs like me, of course. But, I think some things are just destined to happen. You can’t avert them as hard you may try. Now, I came to office to pass time, and here I am struck, coz I can’t go anywhere, and have no work to do, free, for my wandering mind to wander wherever it has to.

I don’t feel like studying, I don’t feel like revising anything, even when I have loads of it. Almost everyone around me is either running with books here-n-there, or looking at me with questioning eyes “Where are your books?”! …..Sometimes, with all your mighty power, it’s impossible to keep the fear at bay. It has a tendency of creeping in from somewhere like water, and fill the space like air. Run where you can! Where can you, after all!!! Coz, it’s nowhere else but right inside you! Phew!

Anyways, I’m sure there will be many sailing with me in the same boat.

So, wishing them all the very best. Hope God be with you all.


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