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Goodness never dies!

A few days back, a friend of mine was really upset. While crying over what had happened, he was most upset with the fact that he had been so good to people, he had never done anything wrong to people, or more so, never wished anyone’s ill, and still this happened to him. I just tried to console him, then, although I was at a loss of words.
Today, while I was coming to office, I thought of walking down rather than taking the usual rickshaw. It’s high time I started giving importance to my increasing length and breadth 😉
I had just turned round the corner after crossing the rickshaw stand when a rickshaw puller came around and said “Arre beta, kahan paidal jaoge, baith jao, usi taraf ja raha hoon, chhod doonga.” The person was hired by a girl for Spice Mall, and my office falls on the way. I offered him money when I got down, but he declined. The man is very old and I usually prefer taking his rickshaw than anyone else, coz I think he needs passengers more than others. I felt really happy with this gesture of his. He made my day. 🙂
I think these simple gestures of kindness, care, and affection towards people never fade. They remain in our hearts…forever. Today, this gesture of his, will always stay in my heart, wherever I go. And, I don’t think he did it as an act of returning my favor. It just came from his heart, just as it came from mine to help the poor old man.
I don’t know why I felt like correlating the two incidents but, somewhere, somehow, they are correlated in my mind. I feel that when we’re sulking, we always try to find a reason why this thing happened to me? We try to find some bad act of ours as a reason. But, actually, anything that happens doesn’t happen coz we were bad or evil person. It happens for “Good”! Just for our good. Although, we aren’t able to see that goodness right then, but it is definitely there. We just need to be patient, and need to believe that God does take care! He knows what is best for us, and he just prepares us for that best through these experiences. It is us who label it as “Good” or “Bad”.
If you have done something good to someone then it’ll come back to you. It definitely will… but not in the way you order it to. It’ll come in the way it should.
So, just relax and be calm, as…..”God’s there!”.


11 thoughts on “Goodness never dies!

  1. ekdum …satya vachan…kintu parantu…whenever something bad happens without any self control..we “humans” feel bad about it…creep about it…if we dont exactly tell someone about it still, more often than not we let that very thing affect our mood…our day.. our life to some extent…because thats what HUMANS ought to do :)..thats what they were made to do….its imbibed into the characterstic of hunmans i guess :)…baaki jaise bade bujurgon ne kaha hai “Beta Jo Hota Hai Acche Ke Liye Hi Hota Hai”….bahut khoob kaha hai 🙂

  2. 🙂yahi to galti hai humari….hum in sab cheezon ko kitaabi baatein maan ke, aur khud ko “Human” , “Am being Indian” keh ke guilt-free kar lete hain. par jo galat hai woh humesha galat rahega aur jo sahi hai woh humesha sahi rahega.yes, i agree, everyone doesn’t have the courage and the guts to stand up to what they believe is right, often. And, i think that’s what differentiates one person from another. Agar tumhein lagta hai ke yeh nahi karna chahiye, rona nahi chahiye, to mat roo na! usko human ke fake parde mein kyun chhupa rahe ho.

  3. oops…i have been misunderstood yet again guess…c…“jo galat hai woh humesha galat rahega aur jo sahi hai woh humesha sahi rahega.” – haan wo to rahega hi but feeling bad about something that happened is not *galat* ..ya it should be avoided cause whatever happened has already happened and can’t be turned around and the person should learn something out of the thing if he can…but still in no ways is feeling bad about something *GALAT*“Agar tumhein lagta hai ke yeh nahi karna chahiye, rona nahi chahiye, to mat roo na! usko human ke fake parde mein kyun chhupa rahe ho.” – whoa whoa whoa…what was that now ?? it was bouncer for me :P…i didnt talk of any fake parda :P…all i meant was its pretty natural for *humans* to feel bad about something wrong that has happened…and if someone does feel bad…all u can do is console him and say “Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai vats 🙂 “and indeed this is the right thing to say i think 🙂

  4. A Good Post. Nice Way to substantiate existence of God (I am just subverting it a little 🙂 ). Once I was coming out of metro station at Pitampura and as usual was surrounded by many rickshaw pullers, but I saw a old man ( very shabbily dressed) there with a very dirty rickshaw, somehow with the thought of helping him, I got on his rickshaw. He barely Pulled Rickshaw for 20 mtrs and he started breathing very fast. I got off his rickshaw, paying him money for full distance. He was almost weeping then. It broke my heart and I felt very terrible.I also thought about God that day.Just a thing that I thought should be shared, You can draw your inferences.

  5. I don’t think you thought of God in a very positive light that time. But, I don’t like to blame God for the miseries of the world. Coz, wat we see as a misery maybe the outcome of many more things that went behind it. We usually don’t know them. It’s always good to just do something that you can to remove the miseries. That’s the best way you can do something for it, and that’s where God is the one mediating through you.It’s better to keep working without thinking of the fruits. Rightly said in Gita!PS: I don’t know if you already have, but if you get a chance, do read “Thoughts on the Gita by Swami Vivekananda” It’s a beautiful book of Rs 7, i guess. Very small one. But changes your complete perspective. One cannot always understand the true meanings by reading the epic themselves but it’s always good to read the meanings when you’re sure of the source. PS: Be sure of the source. Wrong sources are what we’re repaying for, through terrorism and religion based riots.

  6. Hmm, I agree with what you are saying. I would catch the book that you have mentioned. Incidently I have also been recommended to read Gita by a person whom I consider a mentor to me. For now, going by what you say, Can you explain what might be the God’s intention behing Tsunami or the earthquakes that take many lives and inflict sufferings on many. I am not starting this argument by myself but this has always been there. I am quite sure there is not any single explanation for it but I would like to know your thoughts. Post them here, I will follow.

  7. You know I can’t explain everything coz even these r just my perceptions and understanding of God’s world.But, I think a lot of my answers come by keeping Him at a supreme position than the rest of us. When we question then we almost make him Human. But, if you maintain the position of God as God then the answers follow differently.As for your current quest, I think Tsunami, and all are more of consequences of human intervention is God’s creativity. He never created these. We almost worked for these. If you play with nature’s balance and then blame God for it, then you are being unfair. God created nature with a beautiful balance. If you ask me why he created sorrow, then I’ll say that was to maintain the balance. Bt, if you say why he created calamities, then I’l say they are created by man, not God! You never ask why God created machine gun! Why ask why God created Tsunami. We know why and when such calamities occur, we also know why there occurrence has become so common now.

  8. Well, I only partially agree and also admit the fact that everything can not be explained. I will comeback on this topic later after somedays when I will have sightly more time.

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