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My US Home!!

This was written the day I moved into my home last saturday. Didn’t get time to upload the blog. Read on!

I can’t believe my luck and the presence of God so very visible today. Today, I moved into a home. An apartment in California. I had been staying in the guest house since past one week, and we booked this room yesterday only, the 16th January’09. I hadn’t realised the beauty of the home then. I saw it only today when I actually moved in.
Although the guest house had more amenities, had better accessories and it was more comfortable but this is actually the dream home that I used to think of. Lemme strat with the explanation of the dream. Can’t wait for any further introduction. 🙂
I have the bedroom and the drawing room floor carpetted. You can sit on the floor and don’t need any furnishings. There is a low height window in each room. The bedroom has the window facing east. The whole day the sun shines bright on it. The window is complete glass with no grills whatsoever. The first rays of sun that will shine on California will fall on my face. I can sit next to the window and have a cup of coffee in my hand. This is one scene which I have dreamt of n-thousands of time in my life. Can’t express how excited and content I am feeling right now. For the first time since this US thing came into my life, I am feeling really happy about it, and am feeling sad that I will have to go back in six months. This is the home that I want to dress up. This is where I want to put a big flower vase at a corner, and a snug, thick bed in the middle of the bedroom. It will have loads of square pillows of different colors on it. It’ll have 2 teddies on each side, and bed side corners. One bed side corner for keeping the petty things and another for the beautification part. Then, I’ll put a beautiful. modern artistic clock, in the middle of the wall behind the bed. I have mostly dreamt of a sun shaped clock there but I think when I’ll come to put it actually, then it’ll depend on the latest design (No! It won’t depend on the money, u nerd! Dreams don’t have money constraint to it. That’s the beauty of a dream). Wow!!! 😀 My smile can’t get bigger. There will be small plants planted on the outside of the window, and a few hangings on top of it. Maybe mud things. I like the nature thing.
Then there is a wardrobe area where you can hang your clothes at the top and shoes at the bottom. There is a pink color bath tub in the bathroom, and a heater in each room to keep the room warm and snug. The water supply is both kinds. Hot and cold, everywhere. The water that comes directly from tap is drinkable. The door has proper 3 locks to keep me, and make me feel safe! I used to feel how these people can manage without the maids. But, the household stuff is so easy here that even a kid wouldn’t mind doin it. You wash the dishes and keep in a dishwasher. The dish washer cleans them. You can put them back, or leave them there and use from there only 😉
The trash bin needs to be cleared every day, so you maintain the discipline in life. The kitchen is so ready to use, with every kitchen having oven or microwave, or both. The dinner can be cooked comfortably, without any sweat or heat. The kitchen is so in the middle of the home that one can sit anywhere and still be in touch with the person cooking. so, cooking doesn’t mean working alone. The walls are painted by people themselves so they paint in all colors, designs and shapes. Wow! Let your imagination go wild! 😀 And since everyone does it themselves so it must be easy too. I haven’t seen even a single home which looks badly painted so everyone is either a born painter here, or the paint work is made easy with the accessories.
Feeling good. 🙂