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USA – The Stroy : Phase II

With the interview given and it’s going fine, I was content with the fact that I gave it my best. I was least bothered by it’s result, and least concerned. Yes, it was there on my mind all the time, but I never anticipated or thought that it would actually get through and I will actually have to go to USA.
The reason for this uncertainty in my mind, despite it being so clear already, was coz I strongly believe in destiny. I don’t admit it or accept it that I believe in it so strongly, but I do. I had never been told by any of my pandits that I wil be going abroad. On the contrary, one had even stated, that she would dream of going abroad, and there will be a chance of going out, but things won’t culminate. That chance’s happening had already happened in 2007 when HCL was planning to send all the engineers with JLPT Level 3 certification to Japan. It hadn’t culminated then. So, I never thought things would go through this time either.
I know, sounds so narrow minded. So ancient!! But, that is what it was.
So, finally, zindagi chale ja rahi thi. I came back home from Noida on Saturday. Then, I had an important exam on Sunday, so I got busy with it. I went for the exam Sunday morning.
It must have been around 12.30 that the exam got over and I came back. My dad was waiting outside the examination hall for me already, as usual. We sat in the car, thought whether we want to go to some market for some quick snack or wanna go straight home. I just wanted to be home. Wanted to eat mom’s home made delicious food. I guess my stomach had already sensed that there will be very less of it coming in future time. So, we started for home.
We had only covered half the distance when Nupur called me. Nupur, my colleague, who had given the interview next to mine, for the same company, same post. There was no competition. The company had the requirement of many. She said “Did Arvind call u?” I said “No, what happened?” She said your phone was going out of network since morning. Arvind had called to inform that we both have got through the interview and have to fly by next weekend. It was a Sunday, and by next Sunday I would need to fly to U.S.A!!!
I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad. I just looked at my dad and broke him the news. He smiled and said “Congratulations!!!” Ok! So I have to be happy. πŸ™‚
A different look had set on my dad’s face. A look that comes from a proud father when his kid does something great. Something that sets him apart from the rest of the kids. The feeling that comes from within. The feeling that “Today, I have been renumerated. All the efforts that I’ve put in your upbringing, all the hard ships that I’ve gone through in nurturing you, all has been accomplished now. The goal has been achieved. Today, I can look into the eyes of the world and tell them that I didn’t fail. My faith in my child didn’t fail.” πŸ™‚
Now, he looks in everyone’s eyes with pride. There’s a different smile that always remains on his face now. There’s a different rythme, a different music in the laughter that he laughs now. It’s not a fake one, or a plastic smile, so usual to people nowadays. It’s more real.

The look has not left him ever since. πŸ™‚

After telling him the news, I called home and talked to Mom. I told her the result is out and it’s rejected now. She had almost started on her questionnare round and her boost up sessions when I broke the good news in. She was equally happy as Dad. Her voice was ringing as she spoke. She said… “Congrats! I am proud of you”! I could see her say that even on phone. I could see her eyes beaming with joy and heart overflowing with happiness.
Then, I and Papa went to a sweets shop, to get some sweets for home. There, we started looking at the sweets, then looked at each other. Looking at each other, we both started laughing. In car, we couldn’t really share the moment and the joy. There, standing in front of each other, when we looked, it all came. We started laughing loudly. “Oyyyyeeee!!!” hahhhahaa! Then, again we started looking at the sweets, then again looked at each other! “: :” “Oyeee!!! Hahahaha” Another round of hihihahaha. I wonder what the people around us must be thinking of what we are doing. hehehehe. But, we couldn’t really digest that it was all true. It was a dream coming true. It was a strange thing happening.
Then, we decided that before taking the sweets we better confirm the news. πŸ˜€ Strange but true!
So, I came out of the sweet shop and called Arvind Sir. He talked to me as if that was quite obvious that you would be through. He didn’t even talk of the interview or how it went. Or, as if it was an achievement. He just talked of the convenient time to fly and the need to start preparing right away. It was a daily job for him. It was a celebration for us only. πŸ˜€

Anyhow, that was a ecstatic experience. It still is. It is a beautiful phase of my life that changed everything happening in my life. Every damn thing.
My mom goes to her school with a different air around her. My brother misses me more than he used to. My papa is more confident about his ideas and values than ever. There is a little tilt in there heads towards the sky, that I see. πŸ˜€ Feels great!
I always wanted that I do something in my life that makes my parents proud of me. Something because of which they can look up in the society and feel proud that they have nurtured me. I know how many hardships they have faced to build me up. Even with limited resources, I have lived like a princess. I still live like a princess. There’s very little that I care about. If I should be caring, or if I am at fault, then also I hardly ever admit it. So, I have been a spoiled brat. All of this was there love. I wanted to do something worth. I never knew what difference it will make exactly. Or, what exactly that something should be. I just hoped that whatever it maybe, it does something good for them, something extraordinary.
I never knew that such a petty thing will do so much of a difference. I never knew that such small milestones in my life can bring so much satisfaction to them. I am glad I saw this happiness on their faces. I hope I am able to work more harder in this direction now and give them many more of such moments. It’s a great feeling to see your parents happy coz of u.
Thanks God! Thanks for everything.


8 thoughts on “USA – The Stroy : Phase II

  1. hey Swati…nice to read things about u…was going through Jana blog and found u there so just followed u πŸ™‚Congratulation yar ur dream cm true..n All the best in ur voyage.

  2. Hey Guys! Thanks for all the beautiful comments. The blog was written more to show how my parents felt at a petty change in my life. It’s more of a milestone for me than any achievement. I didn’t work towards it. We all know how one goes onsite in our profession. It’s more a matter of luck than expertise. I think the blog has ended up sounding like a praise for me, and my achievements. πŸ˜›

  3. It seems now u better understood what a family means to someone… Have you ever given a thought why they were so happy….They were/are happy because they feel proud on you… of being the parent of a girl who believed that she has something in her but started doubting her own capabilities… after this they again saw the same sparkle in her eyes.. that’s why they were happy

  4. πŸ™‚I guess you are right.The true importance and place of a family has dawned on me now only, once I am here. When you get so far from a thing which was so easily accessible to you, then you realise its importance.

  5. He he ..nahi Vkas Sir…is khushi se yeh pata chalta hai ki unhe swati mam se ummed hi nahi thi ki vo bahar jaayengi ..he he, no offence intended ;)..I loved to read the last two posts :),esp because yeh sab mere saamne hua , or fir bhi mujhe pata nahi chala 😦

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