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Who’s better? Girls o’ Boys?!!

Quite often you would find this topic being debated upon…”Who’s better? Girls or Boys” Who’s more important and more needed in this world. You try starting this topic anywhere and you will find people of all age, genre, and types chipping in with their tit-bit comments. Nobody can resist discussing on this. And, everyone is hell bent on proving that they belong to the better breed. 
Girls would like to bring in the points like Working and taking care of Family simultaneously, then caring and loving, loyal (mostly!), leaving parents.. homes, and Motherhood/ Creation (their last shot towards winning, mostly!!). Boys would also bring in almost everything. Financial support, doing odd chores like plumbing etc., taking care of the family decisions, taking care of the worldly affairs, and then both needed for re-creation (a woman’s not enough! Their shameless response to woman’s  creation prowess x-/ )….  
But, I prefer not to get into this debate. I think there’s no debate which should be there at all. Both are equally required to run the world and that’s it!! God created both because both were needed. None could run alone…without the other. It’s like being the two wheels of a bullock cart. Without anyone, the cart can’t move ahead. 
I can do everything that a man can do, as far as doing the house chores are concerned. Similarly, a guy can learn to cook and do stuff himself and may not need a woman in his life. 
But, why can’t we simply accept the fact that there are certain things which a woman can do good. Similarly, there are things where it is better to leave the things on the man. Why do we need to bring in our personal egos and try proving to the other person, that I’m the better half!? 
The first and the most important requirement of a team building is “Trust”. Trust on the other person that he/she can take care of a job just perfectly well, as I myself would have done. If the other half commits a mistake then I need to understand that the same mistake could have been done by me too. Or, maybe what he/she took care of already, I could have missed too.. or, messed it more, maybe. 
The whole point is to look for the positive things of the other person than the negative ones. The point is to remember that he/she accepted you the way you are. With your defects. With all your flaws too. So, you must accept as is too. Why complain?
It isn’t that much of a problem. Try it. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Who’s better? Girls o’ Boys?!!

  1. “I can do everything that a man can do, as far as doing the house chores are concerned”Sorry I din’t understand why you said this “as far as doing the house chores are concerned”..believe you people can do the other stuffs too

  2. I didn’t give it dat much a thought as to wat all is there that I “cannot” do….but the point was simply that it’s not bout ur capabilities getting checked…Right?

  3. Hi Swati, Dekho tumne bada contoversial topic chuna hai. Upper se bahut se point cover bhi nahi kiye. There are some inherent strength and weeknesses in both boys and girls. So comparison is not reasonable as you are comparing oranges with apples. The question by max. can only be who is apple and who is orange ? I live it to you to decide who is orange and who is apple ? Well, I have lot of stuff to add what boys/girls can do or not !! But kisi aur din. I suggest you better need to re-look on social paradigm and the history considering political/military leadership and lot of similar things before even thinking about this comparison. Tell me how many women we have those have changed the world and how many mens we do have who have changed the words ?You are a 21th century girl only that’s why you even dare to have comparison between boys and girls. He he he … Boys are the best without any doubt (Although i love girls a lot)

  4. I would rather like to know, why this topic?I think Creation of God is perfect the way it is. Male and Female complement each other in every sense.

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