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The entity called "Maa"

This is another leaf in my bunch of learnings and experiences after coming to USA. After coming here, I got to spend a lot of time with myself. I got to know more about myself, about the world, and it’s people. I realised the true value of so many things I possessed but never valued, back in India. And the most worthy of the lot that I realised the value of … was my Mom!

She’s a normal woman. Nothing new when you assess the credentials. A Teacher by profession, a mother of two kids, wife of an Engineer, a sister of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. 
It’s only when you come a little closer that you get to realise the light of the halo! She’s great at everything that she does. She is a great cook, a great beautician. The students who’ve ever come under her, never forget her. The basics once learnt from her, hardly go wrong. She has great command on language (both Hindi and English) and has a knack for being correct in pronounciation. Her taste for music, dance, home decor, food, color, art, craft…you name it, she has it…is worth recommendations. People come often to get the recipes of her dishes. She keeps experimenting in her dishes and trust me when I say it, we’ve hardly every been disappointed. There have been very few things which she cooked and we didn’t like. Her choice of sarees is unique and beautiful. And, you got to see her when she drapes it. She’s not very pretty or having very manaquine looks, but the saree takes a different grace to itself when she drapes it. I have always loved myself when she dresses me up in a saree. My love and craze for sarees started only when I saw myself dressed in it, by her. People, who never cared to even give me a second look, couldn’t take their eyes off. 
But, this is not something that I realised after coming to US. I always knew it and respected her for that. But, the respect which grew within me was in a different realm…It’s the way her love has dawned on me now that I never saw, never realised. Just like every other elder child of the family, I also had this complex that my mom loves my younger brother more than him. For this, I have given her a real tough time, whole my life. 🙂 And I can’t belive myself now, that I carried it in me, even after I crossed my teens. I always thought that she’s too innocent and naive to know the world. She doesn’t realise the deeper meanings of what she says. Uffff!
Now, I understand that a mother’s love is so deep rooted that no matter how distanced she maybe, she can never get detached from you. There’s no one else on this earth who can have the kind of bonding with you the way she has. It is a knot which can never be broken. The way a mother understand you, knows you, even your  father can’t! The nine months that the mother and child spend together…. they live together, breathe together, laugh together, cry together, feel sad, feel elated…. it’s two souls entwined. It’s a unique thing and it’s magical. It’s another of God’s unique miracles. No one else can be what a mother is to her child and a child is to her mother. I know, it’s biological. Men can be jealous of it. But, it is a truth that no one can refute. It’s an honour, a reward, a woman gets, for being a woman.
It’s after understanding this love, this bond, that I understand my mother better. I understand her reactions better. I understand her behaviour better. I appreciate her beauty better. I love her ethereal innocence. I can see the eternal and deepest sea of love in her. 
She’s the purest and the truest woman one could have ever known! She never lied ever. No matter whatever the matter is, she handled it with honesty. She didn’t care if it brought a bad-name to her. She didn’t care if her kids sulked or shouted at that moment. She knew that it’s the good of her children that matters ultimately. 
Now, my parents are looking for a match for me. The way she analyses every option, shows just one thing… her love. She hasn’t ever talked to me about it. She hasn’t asked me what I want or what I don’t. But, she knows it all, already. She knows what I want and what I need. She knows what kind of qualities are essential if I have to respect the person. She knows that the person needs to be better than me in mental level, and not just in the rupees he’s earning presently. My father may, sometime drift away looking at the current position of the boy in question. But, my mother never does that. She knows it is nothing but the best that will be, for her child. She will fight out her life, even with my dad, if he differs on this with her. Whether it was in our education, our lifestyle, our rearing, she has given us the best. She never gave it a second thought about which one to chose, when the choice was between us or herself. 
I am glad to be her daughter, and have some part of ‘Her’ in me. 
After understanding the real meaning and uniqueness of her love, I want to give her the best of everything. I want to give her all kinds of happiness that she rightly deserves. I want to fulfil all her small wishes, that she had foregone for me and my brother’s sake, in past. I think it’s the least that we, as children can do for our parents. I am glad to have learnt it and wish that I succeed in this endeavour. 
Love you Maa!
You are beautiful. You are the best.

8 thoughts on “The entity called "Maa"

  1. “People, who never cared to even give me a second look, couldn’t take their eyes off. “…. Lol ..I guess I never got that opportunity to see you in saree :(..may be it as it seems from your post that day won’t be far ..although don’t think you will wear a saree that day..

    And yes we guys are indeed jealous that we can’t have that bond with our kids but we thank god at least we get to experience it from the kid’s side by being one ourselves..

    Nice one

  2. hehehe! It was more of reminiscence happening than boasting about myself. It’s not much different though. Just that you are able to appreciate the dresser much better, when you see so major a difference 😉
    You know, it’s like a jassi transition! 😀

  3. Hmm…I also agree with the fact that mother is one person whom one can go anytime wand will find unconditional love and care. Nobody can match her in this and it is above all kinds of affection in the world.
    Nicely articulated.

  4. I would just like to add in response to these line

    “After understanding the real meaning and uniqueness of her love, I want to give her the best of everything. I want to give her all kinds of happiness that she rightly deserves”

    I guess, you need not to give anything to your mom back, just keep yourself happy. if you can keep yourself happy, she would be lot more happier, so i guess giving some thing back to parents just means to keep ourself happy. Rest automatically follows. One more thing is that its not only applies to your mom/dad, it actually applies to all mom/dad of this universe.

  5. I think i should refine my comment. I didn’t means that one should not give something back to parents, obviously every one should. But at any point in time they should not make own life tough because thinking about what there parents will think, Actually in longer period if things will give you pain, they will also feel the same. And that things would be rather tough to handle.

  6. Thanks CP. I understand what you’re trying to say..that for parents, their kid’s happiness is most important. But, as kids, it’s our responsibility, that we try to keep them happy as an individual. Just like they make sure that we remain happy through out our life, through teachings, values, education, etc, so should we try and give them everything that maybe needed to ensure their life long happiness…apart from their kids’ happiness. 🙂

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