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Madhuri’s Home

Today, June 8’09, was quite an eventful day. Although it was a normal day and it didn’t start with lots of hopes, but it ended up to be a day full of social events. My group in office consists of 4 girls. We take lunch together and that’s how I take the liberty of calling them ‘my’ group. :p

The group has Me, Deepti (DJ), Madhuri and Sowji (Sowjanya). We went to Madhuri’s place today for lunch. None of us had seen her home ever since she shifted there. So, we decided to go there today. I’ve been so impressed with her home, that I can say that I pretty much saw my dream house in front of me. Let me try and put the view here.
We all went to the home in Madhuri’s car. Just at the corner of the road, where the road takes a turn, is Madhuri’s home. You see a big garage’s gate when you reach. There’s a small alley in the side of the garage, leading to the entrance of the house. There’s a pretty mailbox, quite like a spacious purse made out of iron, creamy white in color, at the side wall, before the entrance. The entrance has a door mat, which has somewhat wooden look to it. Good choice. Just as you enter the house, on your left is the doorway to kitchen and dining area. Move a li’l forward and you have the entrance to the drawing room. A spacious room with an LCD TV in the front. Standing at the door of the drawing room, you could see the exit to the backyard garden, TV in the front, Comfy Sofa set in which you can drown in, at your right side. The floor is carpetted so you can sit down and enjoy the television. On going out into the balcony, she has a jacuzzi (a large tub which acts as a pool…not the general tubs which we’ve in India. It’s somewhat like a mini-well that we’ve.) The backyard stretches parallel to the house, so pretty huge and stylish.
The weird part was the bedroom. I mean it was a long bedroom, but it had space of two rooms. It was in a slight curve. So, in a way, you had space for keeping two beds. Now, what’s the concept behind having it this way, the reason is still oblivious to me! 😛 But, it was and it had two beds kept there. Not to mention the walk-in closets at the wall side of the bedroom. The bathroom had a small window at the top to allow sunlight come in. I have not seen a bigger bath tub uptil now in my life!! 😀
Apart from the amount of space and luxuries, what I liked most about the house was the way she had decorated it. The wall hangings were all Indian. I’m sure you would have seen those in Delhi Haat, typical South Indian. Large black cloth with elephants or alpanas stitched on them. I just adore those and always wanted to put them in my house (I mean, my house! Not the parents’ house 😉 ) Although they are very common and rampant, but her choice of paintings was really good. Even the way she had made the Mandir in her kitchen, it was really nice. Then the wooden window panel she had put in her Mother-in-law’s (stylishly and secretly named ‘the MIL’)  room, it took away my heart. It was a small rectangular window and the panel was like 4 doors of wood, which could be folded like a fan. Very pretty. Very ethnic. Typical me!
All the things in her house were normal, and daily seen, I guess, but it’s the placing and the choice you pick, which matters. Basically, that’s what differentiates a house from home, I guess! 🙂

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