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Typically girlish act!!!

I just want to record it to remind myself how stupid I can be, and have behaved in past.

Foolish me 1:
On Saturday, I went shopping. I didn’t go out with the purpose of shopping. Had gone just to visit a store which is known for cheap branded clothes. I knew I have a weakness for clothes. Still, I went. Despite knowing that I’ve already spent enough on clothes, shoes and belts just the last weekend, I still went ahead. In India, I only used to do shopping with cash. That kept a check on my outflow. But, here, you can pay through card. You pay through card almost everywhere. Cash is almost dispensable. With this card payment, I’ve no clue on how much I’ve spent by the end of the day. It’s only when I reach the checkout counter and the bill crosses the 2-digit number into 3-digit mark that you get a shock. End result was that I went back to the store the next day to return goods worth 40 bucks. 
Foolish me 2: 
The second foolish act – the shopping I did. I got a pair of heels. I had been looking for such heels ever since I came to US. I never got one of my size. At this store, I got a pair which was of size 6 1/2, when my foot size is 6. Still, I felt with socks, it should be fine. I bought it. Coming to office this morning, I know how I’ve reached office wearing them. They are lose and keep coming out on every step. I barely reached in time for my bus.
Before I started from home in the morning, I could feel it that the heels are lose and I won’t be able to walk properly. In store,  you don’t get a fair chance or idea of the shoes as everything is carpeted. You hardly walk as much. But, at home, in the morning, I had known it. I stuffed cotton, wore my thicker socks, and started off to office. I knew that if I don’t use it, I can return it. But, I so wanted to keep the heels, that I still went off. Now, my foot is aching badly…there is a soar point created at the side of my foot thumb. 
Foolish me 3:
Another similar point was the pair of shorts. The shorts are pretty common here but they are shorter than what we even get in India. I know I can’t wear them out even here. Still, wearing it, they suited so well, that I didn’t return it. I constantly ask myself “What will you do with keeping it if you won’t wear it???” There’s no answer.. yet I won’t return it!!! Phew!
Now, I don’t know when I’ll understand and grow up. I can already  see my parents’ looking at me, and me standing with my shopping bags in my hands….grin on my face and guilt in my heart! 

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