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Typical girlish act!

Making this space just for people to post comments for my last post… 🙂

Due to my experimentation with my post settings, I somehow switched off the option of allowing comments on new posts. Please put your valuable comments on the post here!

3 thoughts on “Typical girlish act!

  1. First of all you can turn it on for that post again…every post has its own comment settings….

    Secondly coming to your post ..the first thing that came to mind was LOL :)…. yOur shoe incident just reminded me of Monica (FRIENDS wali) when she purchases the boot which fit so tight that she can't even walk and Chandler had to carry her.

    Anyways was a nice read… sometimes its fun to be silly.

  2. Ohh! Although the shoe incident may have been common, sadly, I didn't get any Chandler to pick me! 😛

    As for it being fun being silly, you can trust me that I'm having fun most of the times then! 😀

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