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There are so many topics that I want to write a blog on, I want to discuss about, but when I sit down to write something, I get blank. I am unable to decide what I want to write on!?

So, I’m writing about the topics I would like to discuss or write on. You can call it a to-do list for myself.
So, here I go with my list.
1. Decoding Love
2. America
3. Books – Midnight Summer’s Children, Twilight series
4. Swati -“??????”
5. Relations and Relationships
6. In the end, it doesn’t even matter.. what does?

4 thoughts on “To-Do

  1. Okkk…there is ….at least from the point of view of “losers”…will soon post a conversation I had with a friend. then you will see whats there to decode 🙂

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