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How does it happen?!

Has it ever happened to you that you meet someone as a stranger, then you get out of touch, then you meet back again!?

I mean, for example, you see someone daily on your way to office, maybe on your bus stop. Neither do you two ever talk, but you know him and he knows you. Then, you get out of touch…you started commuting through car or something. And, then one fine day, you see him again in a totally different place and you come in touch…You cannot avoid but talk since you two are working together or something like that.

It has happened twice to me. With two different people. And, it feels so queer. I don’t know what it means in larger (read philosophical) term. But it is a weird feeling.
There’s one person whom I saw in my company. He was working on some project and used to visit the lab frequently. My seat was on the way to the lab. But, we never talked since there was no link. Then, I saw him again when I had gone to give an exam. Again, of course, we didn’t talk. Then, I came here to US. And, he’s been sent here from our company! Now, we did talk. I mean, please don’t see any romantic side into it, but it’s so weird that I wanted to know if it has ever happened to anyone else. There’s no more significance to the incident than it’s queerness. This had happened to me with someone else before too!
Probably, it just shows, that despite the huge population our world has grown to, world is still a small place. A real small one.

2 thoughts on “How does it happen?!

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha…. Actually it happened twice with me …. First time when I was in 11th , I joined a new school, so there was a girl in the other section, very bubbly ,very friendly but we could never talk for 2 years in school. then when I went to college to get my admission, just before my application it was hers, so we were in the same branch and although 1st year went as acquaintance but from 2nd year we became friends, we parted after college as we joined diff companies but we were in touch , so after 2 years we are again in the same company…..
    Second time again a girl in college , my senior who looked like my elder sister but we never talked in college, come my training n as destiny she becomes my mentor and although she left soon but after 2 years of no communication, now we still talk sometimes.

    Both the time I had the same feeling as if when I first saw them I felt some connect but for a large period we never crossed each others paths then someday circumstances just brought us together.

  2. wow! So, that means it's not unusual. 🙂 How odd it feels, hai na!? And there's nothing important attached to it. I mean, nothing extremely significant or a major milestone in your life, kinda thing.
    I think that's what they used to call “prabhu ki leela”

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