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Rain Rain come again!

Sitting outside in my balcony, under a shed, with the sky pouring heavily, I was wondering what makes the Rain so special!? Is it just the water falling all over around you, free of cost, that makes it exciting!? You really need to be a big miser to like it for that. Or, is it something more?
I think it’s everything else that makes Rain so special.

The cool breeze, the different shades of green in leaves, the swayin of trees in playful mood, everything is just so free! So full of energy and bliss. The sweet smell of soil which starts with the falling of the first drop of rain droplet, and as it grows with the teeming of the rain drops, the frenzy overpowers you. When you look at the sky, the birds are flying and measuring the whole sky. As if coloring the blank canvas of the sky with all new colors.

Then comes the smell of fried pakoras coming all your way, with the smell of ginger in the hot, steaming tea teasing your senses. As if challenging you to hold yourself back. Dare if you can!
Then the whole family gathers around to grab that one last bite of the pakora and the little extra chai, if any.
There is merry, there is laughter in those minutes.
There is togetherness, there is ‘harmony’ in those moments.
The moments when people forget their worries and just enjoy the moment. Truly, the moment.
That’s what makes Rain so special. At least to me. That’s why ‘I’ love the Rains.
Rain Rain Do Come again. 🙂
Happy Monsoons!

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