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An analogy

“ Man creates machines. He adds artificial intelligence to them so that they can do all the tasks for him. The machines are created so that they can do all the regular chores and give man an easy life.

For fun, man has even started adding human touch to the machines. The machine can cry, the machine can laugh, the machine can give you company in almost everything.

Sooner than later, there will be a time when machines can do everything that a human being can do. They will be replaceable with humans. And, as Artificial intelligence improves further, the machines may become stronger than man.
Then, machines will destroy man and rule the world.

That’s future.”

This is a story we’ve often heard. We’ve even seen movies based on the same.
Now, rewind the time by 1000 years and replace man with ‘God’ and machines with ‘Man’.

Let me explain.

If we let our imagination go wild and forget the story we have always believed, then there may have been a time when the world was lived over by Gods. God created some slaves for his luxury and use. He kept adding powers to the slave to provide more luxury to himself. A time came when the slave became so powerful that he could stand equivalent to God. God didn’t care because he never thought the slave could become more powerful than him. A normal mistake made by every master with his slave. But the slave was now an opponent and no more a slave. Hence, a time came, when Man overpowered God. God’s rule ended and Man’s rule started.
This is called Kalyug and that was Satyug.

Just a thought that crossed my mind today.