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Love..decoded further

Sometimes we keep watering a sapling (or relationship), thinking it’ll grow into the tree of love. But, we realize pretty late that the seeds were sown in sand. The sapling never grows. It just dies one day.

This is the same way as we think we’re in love with someone and start a relationship. We keep watering the love tree without realizing that it never had a firm base to grow on.
That’s where we realize the difference between true love and infatuations.

2 thoughts on “Love..decoded further

  1. No…not necessarily. Some marriages work even when there's no love. I was talking of love that we so direly chase before we get married. I was just trying to understand the emotions, the reasons, why we are so eager and impatient and what leads to what.
    But, actually, you understand love and commitment only when you get married because that's the only time when love is observed with all the other emotions. Before marriage, everything is too much individualistic.

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