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First ever presentation

I had my first ever formal presentation today. I never noticed that I had actually never made a presentation myself, in so many years of my service. Presentations are so common, but perhaps mostly that I gave were white-board ones. Never on Microsoft PowerPoint.

The ppt went great! 🙂 I had low number of audience (thanks to the topic I was covering) but the ones who were there, really found it quite useful. My manager was happy, and commented “Good presentation”. My Team Lead was happy and said a job well done 😛
I love you my sweetheart! It couldn’t have been possible without your help and support, and powerpoint skills 😉 It’s great to know that ‘you’ are my soulmate.
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Boss is always right – is it?

Read a wonderful quote at a friend’s gtalk status message :-

When two men in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary. So if you always agree with you boss, then chances are that you are unnecessary”

WOW! 🙂
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ohh Love!

Ohhh Love!

When I kept looking for you, kept running behind you all around to come to meet me, you kept evading me.

I cried, I begged, I made a fool of myself all over, but you didn’t budge.

And then I stopped following you, deciding to never look for you again…

Hurt to the core….firm on my decision to not let you into my life again.

And, here you are, hopping joyously back to me, like an innocent child.

Look at the irony, here I am, yet again, taking you back in, with open arms and a smile on my face.

But it seems that this time…our journey together is going to be much longer, more ever-lasting, and much more satisfying than ever before.

Because it’s not me, but you who came looking for me. J

Is this how you can be conquered? Is this all it takes to keep hold of you in life?

Or perhaps you wait till the right time arrives…

Till the right one arrives. J

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How much is too much?

As I start a new day, these questions keep whirling in my mind.

When do I say – “I give up..”?
How do I find out – “How much is too much?”
As every piece of my body aches and my strength threatens to break down any moment and every passing moment, I wonder if I can say ‘yes’ to the questions above. My Dad always tells me that fatigue is in our minds. We think that we’re tired so we are. This is what I follow too. But, it seems now is the time when I am continuously stretching my limits and I won’t know when I’ve crossed them to breakpoint.
I think body has its own way of showing it that this is the max I can go. Hope it does. 🙂
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Love Shove etc

Moral of the story/ Long story turned short/ Message for the young generation

When you feel that you like/love/whatever someone, just go and ask
“Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?”
Do NOT say “I love you”.
The thing we want from a relationship is twosome, fun time, someone to talk to, someone whom I can tell about my day-to-day issues and have a hearty laugh on things in general.
Let’s keep the other complexities of the world out of it then. Naming it as a relationship/commitment, and thinking that you ‘love’ him/her just complicates the matters. All sorts of issues like Marriage, Parents, Ego, etc etc etc come into picture then.
These are matters of adults and best handled by them. This is the time to have fun. Just do that. We already have enough work/study pressure on us to keep us tensed. Let’s not add another reason to our worries.
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Angel of my life

If you’ve read “Many Masters, Many Lives” by Dr Brian Weiss, you would understand the true essence of ‘angel’ in the title. The angel is not the cute looking, fairy-winged, dressed in white doll that we see in movies, but the ordinary human beings that we meet daily.

For the unstarted, as per the book, every person that we meet or come across in our life has some significant role to play in our lives. Some of them are angels or guardians. They are not our soulmates. They are not even consistently there in our lives. But, they play a significant role in many of the important things that happen in our life. They are truly angels.
Now, I had an angel too in my life. My best friend, my pal and my brother…not a brother by blood but a brother by emotions/heart. I am missing him a lot. A LOT. I’m no more in touch with him. The decision was consciously made. I took it. And, he just abided by it for my happiness. But, now I understand…taking a harsh decision is one thing but keeping up to it is totally another.
In this phase of missing, I’ve experienced some new, totally new experiences.
1. Imagining that he’s there when it’s not him, but a stranger walking down the road. This has happened quite many times now 😦 It seemed too bollywood-ish to believe when it hadn’t happened to me.
2. I thought I liked talking to him because I had no one to share my problems with, or clear up my dilemmas. Now, I have my own personal someone for all that, but I miss him more now because I want to share my happiness, my happy moments with him, and I can’t. I think of the happiness and think how he would have reacted, how he would have been truly happy in my joy, my happiness. There are actually very few people who would be truly delighted in your happiness. Everyone else will have a pang of jealousy or a fake smile.
3. I always believed in “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. It worked for me quite effectively, many times. It doesn’t work here. It’s been an year since I met him.
In some cases, this philosophy doesn’t work.
It’s his birthday in a few days time, and I wish him great health and success in his life.
Wanna tell him that I miss him often. But, I think he already knows that. And, that’s the beauty of our now-non-existent friendship.
It’ll always remain close to my heart.
But, one thing is sure. It’s difficult to let-go of such dear things in life.
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If it hadn’t been so deeply rooted in my blood that “Smoking is injurious to health”… I would have been a definite smoker.