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What women want

People often wonder what is it dat women want!? I don’t know the answer either. But I think my Mr. Aggarwal knows it for sure. 🙂

Love ya!
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Inequality equalled

After delivering a baby in a normal delivery, by natural course, a sad thought came to my mind…

“All the pains in the process of recreation our borne by the woman…puberty, intercourse or delivery. Is it really true that God has made man the better gender, the purer gender, as mentioned in Ramayana? Is it true that God has created man for the better jobs and women for the dirty ones? If it is so, then no matter how much women fight for equality with men, they can never win the inequality already done by God.”
The thought was really sad but somewhere in my heart, I never could believe it.
As time passed and I spent some time with my baby, I realized how wrong I was. God has not made women the lesser ones, rather they are the ‘chosen’ ones.
Motherhood is the payback for all the pain you have taken.
The kind of bonding that comes in between the baby and the mother, right after birth, is so out-worldly an experience, that no other feeling in this world can compete it. No other relation or emotion is so strong as this.
If someone asked me what is motherhood, I will like to quote Stephanie Meyer’s words from her famous novella ‘Twilight’ about a concept she has penned as ‘imprinting’. It’s something like this (rewritten in my words)..
“It feels like the whole universe has adjusted itself around that point. It’s as if nothing else, no one else exists but that object. It feels like the object is your personal sun. ”
I think it is a similar feeling for your baby. This is something only the woman can feel and no one else.
I am repaid. 🙂