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Loser or a Phoenix..?

Sometimes it all looks like futile attempts. It seems like whatever reasons I give to myself, they are mere excuses…excuses that I use to escape from the truth. It seems like I know the truth but am struck in a vicious circle where I have to keep giving myself hopes that things will improve and keep trying. Every time I fail I’ve to get up again because I’ve no other choice. I’ve to accept that I failed and try again. There’s no running away from circumstances. There’s no quitting.

I HAVE TO do it.
I HAVE TO try again.
I HAVE TO keep working at it, no matter I succeed or fail.
No matter how many times my ego is hurt. No matter how many times I’ve to take the shame and gulp it in and forget it. I have to keep trying to improve.

All sounds like a winner in the making.
Don’t know if it’s a winner in the making or a loser pleasing herself.

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