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The ‘J’ factor

I was seeing a friend’s HM pics. Most of the HM pics are always steaming and love seems to be in the air, but this one had real good pictures. The pics were really well taken.

But, after seeing them, I felt sad. I felt like “How happy these guys are. I wish I were”.
Then I realized even I was! Damn it! Still, I was sad. I kept looking at the pics over n over through the day and kept feeling bad. I thought n thought.
Then I understood.
I was simply jealous. It didn’t matter what I have. It’s just that seeing someone else happy or with something special makes me jealous. I think this is the ‘girl factor’. Can’t help it. Shallow me!
But then, who said I was God. 😛
The other day I saw a friend in a beautiful Khadi Saree and remembered how I wanted to create my own wardrobe of such sarees. And, started feeling J again. 🙂 😛
And everyone knows what follows such a feeling.
I pinged Tarun right there saying that we’ll go shopping this very weekend. 😀
Girls will remain girls!
PS: Despite the fact that girls have a J factor in them, it’s not something that defines them. It’s a quick emotion which comes and passes by. Just that, there are some intermittent actions that follow such emotions, like shopping (or crying in extreme/maniacal cases). But, at the end, it’s all human. 🙂

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