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Why should one work for the nation?

Nowadays, Anna Hazare is the latest trend. He’s working on getting a bill passed so that corruption can be removed from the Indian society. There are lot of people following his cause and doing their bit in promoting it.

In all this hue and cry, I wondered, where does this fit in God’s scheme of things? When all of this is a myth and nothing of this matter at the end of my life, then why should I work for it?

The answer that comes to me is “For the good of people coming next in this life”.

When we’re working for the country, we’re working to give a better future to the next coming generations. We’re trying to make their lives better when they come into this world. If you look at everyone as a part of the same soul that all of us started from, then the success of each one of us to reach Him ultimately is important. More the people reach/work on the same path to reach God, stronger and happier the world will be. If all of us think in the same line, the same happens to the earth.

In satyug, everyone thought of peace, happiness and communal harmony. Everyone worked for everyone’s good and not just owns. That’s why everyone was happy. People worked and lived happily together.

Today, in Kalyug, everyone thinks of their own self. More so, they are jealous of others being happy. Hence, there is a general sense of tension and hatred and mistrust all over. No one wants to help anyone. When even after a bomb blast, people get back to work it’s not their resilience playing its role. It’s actually their indifference and selfishness which is working there. It’s nothing more than their curiosity to see what’s happening that makes them stop and look for the dead/injured people. They ultimately just feel sad and move on.

It’s important for everyone to be like-minded and working for the general good. I don’t care if that happens through Communism or Democracy or Secularism, but that’s what will lead to a better life for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Why should one work for the nation?

  1. I didn't know you have a spiritual side too 🙂 I liked reading such candid posts….apologies I took so long to visit, I think I visited your other blog perhaps…

    Cheers, following you now 🙂 please blog more often ❤

  2. Thanks for visiting. It's never too late 🙂
    I like to blog but don't get time to write in regular routine. But, would definitely post my other (spiritual quest) writings. Hope they don't bore you to death! 🙂

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