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The Trinity

This post is a part of my continuous quest towards understanding God, Life and my position in the scheme of things. Readers may/may not find it too valid but for religion, I believe in the mantra “To each one, It’s own”. So, should you.

I have always believed in God inside oneself. It’s not in any idols, it’s not in any one above us, it’s within us. In each one of us. Despite that, I’ve always respected all the idols, all the mythical Gods that Hindu scriptures have detailed. I believe that they all once existed, if you talk of Lord Rama or Lord Krishna and they are all true. I believe in these myths. Yet, I believe in one God, one energy, one common thing that binds us all.

As per the Hindu mythology, there are 3 major Gods we have – The Brahma, the creator of this earth. Lord Vishnu, the balance keeper, the one who maintains everything on this earth, and Lord Shiva, the destroyer.

I think this all started with the Big Bang Theory, just as Science claims the earth started. One common ball of energy divided itself into small pieces to give us life as is. Now, consider the ball of energy to be God – one, united, single God. That energy went and placed itself into all the things we call ‘living’.

Now, how do you differentiate between living and non-living? Anything that can grow, maintain and reproduce is called living. Pre-dominantly. Or, I can fairly say that anything that has the 3 types of God vesting in itself is living. Every living thing has god in it and has the 3 features/attributes of god in it – the Brahma, the Vishnu and the Shiva.

Now, if I have Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in me then how is it coming into effect?

The world I have around me is formed by my thoughts and by my actions. Whether it is the emotional world around me, or the physical world around me… whether it’s the materialistic part of my world or the non-materialistic things. They all are part of my world because I’ve intended them to be a part of my world. If society is part of my world then I’ve consciously made it a part. If family is a part of my world, then that is also my decision. The home I live in, the people I interact with, every bit is created and put together by me. And, this is the same reason why every individual has a different world. A different world, a different set of circumstances. That’s why everyone has unique challenges in life, and unique solutions to get past those challenges. Two people may share their worlds together due to common links but at the bottom of it all, everyone has a different world, which has been created by them, for themselves. This was the Brahma part of them.

Since each one of us has a different world, each one of us maintains it differently. Working in that world is the Vishnu part of us.

And the things we banish from our worlds, in terms of people, or beliefs or values is the Shiva part of us working.

So, effectively God has given us the powers of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. We can create the world in which we live, as we wish. We can run it the way we want and we can destroy the things we don’t want.


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