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They are no sheep, they are the wolves, u fool

They don’t mind winking at you on street side, if they like you
the thing is they don’t like you

They can go ahead and propose any guy they want to,
the thing is, they know the silly would like to chase and get her, to realize he loves her too

They can shoot you point blank, if they wish to
the thing is they know better ways to kill you (like betrayal or a fuck) 

They have big attitude and even bigger ego than you
the thing is they are smarter than you to understand what they’ll lose

They have sharper a voice than you and more strength to argue
the thing is they know it’ll hurt you more than the physical torture

They act coy and shy in bed only because they know it gives you a high.
the thing is, if given a chance, they can rule better than you do.

They know how foolish it looks to propose in the middle of the restaurant,
the thing is, they know you have wanted to do exactly that, all your life.

And if you think you’re being manipulated/maneuvered, think again, you’re just been taken care of.

6 thoughts on “Women!

  1. well if I were a lady, I would have loved this poem, as it is pretty much written like that..

    But you see, for every if there is an you should consider that too. I am not telling you that what you wrote is 100% wrong, but ask yourself, is it 100% correct?? I doubt that..

  2. @Chintu Singh: 😀 Thanks! Wow, you must have reallly liked it. 🙂

    @Supernick: Thanks for following. I'll return the favor if ur writing interests me. I don't follow blogs for formalities. No hard feelings, plz 🙂
    As for accepting to “Woman's world”, I have a strong feeling u r a bachelor 😛 I hope the beliefs remain so once u get married. Haha

    @Jayendra: I can write another post to prove you that each one of it is true. There is no else to it. There can be another view point, which men may have, of course. But, then, that's the reason the world is balanced and the earth is still revolving on its axis.

    @RedHanded : Thanks lady! 🙂

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