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Citizenship, Religion etc

I often wonder what’s the big deal about citizenship and nationality. Yes, it does effect the kind of infrastructure I get, the luxuries that are available at my disposal, it changes the weather I grew up in, and it decided what language I use to abuse people when am angry. But, more than that, how should it matter where I was born? The people living in America or in China are no lesser or bigger human than I am. They work to earn their livelihood, so do I. They have families, kids, jobs, life, just like me. Now, when someone does something wrong to you, how does the country come into picture.
When the World War ensued and Vietnam was being destroyed by America, people in America protested their government. They held protest marches and what not. Was it unusual? Yes, looking at the culture followed in India and most parts of the world, it was. But, should it be unusual? No! As humans, we should raise our voices against any wrong done to any human. Don’t we do it when it’s done against our loved ones, or against people in our country? We don’t mind doing that. But, we question the sanity of the person who says we should behave similarly to a person living in Pakistan.
We eat rotis. Some people call it chapatti, some people call it roti, some call it bread. In Arabic, it must be called something different. We all do potty. Some call it potty, some shit, in rural parts of India, people call it laetrin 😛 Does that change what it is? It is the same. Just because something is called different in different languages or areas, doesn’t change the true existence of something. So, why do we think God is different from Allah or Jesus or whatever. Why can’t we just accept the fact that they are all same? And when they are the same, why do we have to make such a big issue of how one prays to it. When I am angry, I even call him swear words. So? Does that make me a satan? Does it change my feelings towards God. Does it change God’s affection towards me? No! God is God and Swati is Swati. To each one, its own.
These are some of the simple facts of the world’s existence. These have never changed just like so many other things about life. Just accept them and continue with the more pressing matters like the latest movie and the girl next door.
And when someone asks you, “Are you an Indian?”, just say…”I’m not just an Indian, I’m a global citizen.”

14 thoughts on “Citizenship, Religion etc

  1. the thing is…people want to pretend that they are superior..if we can eliminate this feeling, all the facts that you mentioned above will be followed..

    but from the root, every one wants some people under him/her, so they create differences and try to make them follow him/her..nobody is superior than a human, but they want to be…

    please enable the name/url option..i wont be available on wordpress anymore

  2. I think the superiority factor is more prominent with men folk than women. With women, I doubt that's the case. But, yes, it does explain the behavior of the world to an extent.

    As for enabling the option, I don't know where I do that…help me.

  3. Hahahahaahhaha… Followed the tweet of blunt blogger to here… Rightly said.. The last line reminded me of arundati Roy n her i am a citizen of earth quote.. Nicely put across.. Loved it.. Will be coming back for more…!!

  4. @Shubh: Consider the bluntness an ode to you 🙂
    Also, thanks for all the PR. My fan following is reaching a once-in-a-lifetime hit. 😀

    @Rai: 🙂 Good u agree. Hope u keep believing in the concept of “Global citizenship” in the times of distress and trials, if ever one comes.

    @VijayMenon: 🙂
    @Nick: Thanks!! 🙂
    @Spiderdama: It was meant to be that way. Crass, crude and basic.
    @Ashwini: Would definitely try to keep up. Thanks for visiting.

    @All: While I know by the end of the post, what u all remembered and loved was the shite, but the intent of the post was not that but “global citizenship”. Want us to keep the thought at the top of the stack, in trial times. If ever, you are faced with a situation where you're wronged, or u see sm1 wronged, I hope u remember this post, this pledge, that u r human first and a Hindu or an Indian later.

    Hail Globals!!

  5. nai ji 😀 i want to remember laterine 😛

    apologies, i totally got carried away and did not care to mention the seriousness of the post 😦 i know how it feels, happens to me all the time…

  6. Not to contradict you Madame, but I believe in taking pride on being an Indian. But there our dissimilarities end. It's when nationality becomes divided that I start having problems – we could all do without the caste, creed, religions bits.

  7. @PeeVee : I don't mind disagreement. And, I don't mind being an Indian either. But, I wish people could look at the bigger picture. Any kind of differentiation/division, whether on the basis of caste, creed, religion OR on the basis of LoC, boundaries, ultimately brings us to a point where we think the person on the other side is different from us. Let Humans stand on the same side and not on different sides, no matter what the reason or point of conflict be.

    There's a fav line in Twilight saga by Bella “You're a vampire, Jacob is a werewolf, I don't care. If tomorrow Angela turns out to be a witch, I don't care. She can join the party too. These are all my frenz and I don't care what they are.”
    So, am somewhat on the same lines 🙂

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