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Pregnancy, Labor Pains, and thereafter

I’m sharing my experience of delivery. The weak-hearted, please don’t read further.

Pregnancy was pretty much unplanned for me. While me and my husband were thinking of planning one but we never thought it would happen so soon. So, even before we knew, I was pregnant. 

11 July’2010 was my LMP and on 9August’2010, I found about it. Thanks to the preg tests these days. Now, for the first time pregnancies, it’s a roller coaster ride. You can never know what is to follow. You can never imagine. No amount of gathering information on net, talking to elders, etc can help you prepare yourself for the unfathomable. 

In my first trimester, as soon as I realized I was pregnant, the chemical reactions started taking place in me. The 2 following months were terrible. I could hardly eat. Every time I ate, I felt like puking. I didn’t feel like eating anything. I used to have what people call morning sickness. This means that if I took anything, like a glass of milk, or a parantha, or an orange, or anything, I will definitely puke. No matter how light I keep my diet in the morning, I would puke. 
There were times when I puked while going to office, in office and what not. My usual diet went down to half, and I started taking double the time to eat my meal. The whole table used to be waiting for me to finish. To top it, I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. 

I used to be very weak. Then, I got infected with ear-infection. It was something coz of the moist air. I remember the pain got unbearable and it was a Sunday, an off day for doctors. Me and my husband roamed around the whole area looking for a doctor, any emergency doctor in any hospital, but there was only Medicine Doctor available, no ENT. Since I was expecting, I wasn’t supposed to take any medication without consulting my gynae. Finally, I called home. My brother got some medicine referred by a friend’s mausi, whose a gynae. The pain killer helped me get to sleep for an hour. During this time, my hubby looked up the ENT specialists in Noida and called them up to find out whom we could go to. Finally, we went to one. He worked me up and I got relief. The medicines were again to be approved. My FIL is a Pharmaceutical guy so any medicine I take needs to be approved by him. Tarun and He decided I should not be taking heavy dosage. It was when Tarun saw that I couldn’t bear it anymore that he superceded and got me the meds.

The pain, the agony, the turmoil ended as soon as I entered my second trimester. It was the best part of the pregnancy. No problem in general. And as it is said, the good times faster than the bad ones, this one ended too. And, my third trimester started. As soon as third started, I started having back pains. Standing for too long became quite tiring. I was tired all the time. I ate like sumos. Always eating, always hungry. 

In my 8th month, I started having itching problems. It’s a strange and a very bad problem that ladies have during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal changes, the liver starts having problems and as a result, your whole body starts itching. The itching started with my feet, and took over my whole body within no time. I could no longer work. I used to scratch involuntarily and subconsciously. Tarun used to keep telling me “Try to avoid it. Try to not scratch.” But, nothing worked. I stopped going to office. The itching reached its peak during night. I used to stay awake the whole night. You would think I’m exaggerating but ask my husband. He knows I’m true till the last dot. I used to scratch with everything and anything that got to my reach. The legs still have the marks. We tried everything from creams, lotions, oils…ohhh! what not! I used to pass my nights watching movies, reading novels or something. But, I could never rest. I slept in day time. 

Finally, on 1st April’2010, morning 6.00 AM, I had my pains begin. I was sure it was time. My MIL asked me a few questions to confirm that it was actually labor pains. We got ready, had an early breakfast n stuff. All set, but by 8.00 AM, the pains subsided. It was a false alarm. But, I went to my gynae for my regular check up in the evening. She said, it’s time. The baby is progressing real fast and you will be back anytime soon. You may return tonight, you may return in two days. Let’s see if the baby lets you see the World Cup or not. 
I don’t know what the baby had to wait for but the result of that meeting was that I had severe pain now, and could barely walk or stand. I was sitting all the time. 

And, it seems the baby was actually interested in watching the World Cup rather than wasting the day in the OT. So, right after watching the World Cup till 12.30 AM, I had my pains restart as soon as we retired to bed. But, I wanted to wait and watch than disturb others. Till 2.30 AM, I kept moving in and out of the bathroom checking if I’ve a bad stomach or actual pains. Then, I decided…it’s time! And I woke up Tarun. 

After the 1st April false alarm, everyone wanted to be sure than sorry. Tarun took his sweet time, as much as his howling wifey allowed. Then, he went ahead and woke up MIL and FIL. After everything, I reached hospital by 4.00 AM. This was another filmy twist here. The hospital was just 5 minutes from our home. But, the gate that we used to take was closed (since it was night). So, it took us complete 15-20 minutes to reach there. It felt like eternity to me. God was enjoying himself thoroughly. 

Contd in second post…


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy, Labor Pains, and thereafter

  1. 😐 exactly why i hate being a woman. i have seen my mum go through two pregnancies but it seemed like a cake-walk, however last year when i saw a pregnant woman at work, that was it.

    the most horrible story i have heard is of a lady who had to get caesarean done without anaesthesia because it refused to work on her and doctors were losing time.. …the whole hospital could hear what she went through :-/

    The Blunt Blog

  2. Chints, while I agree that it's a painful process, I'll never say I regret going through it, or that I was forced to go through it. I will not barter this part of my life for anything else. And, it's not just a mother whose saying this coz she's in love with her baby. It's a woman saying it coz this was a life-altering experience for me. For everything God has created, it's an integral and important part of it. Sex hurts too but nobody says I hate being a part of it. Why?

    This post of mine is an apt answer to exactly what you thinking…

    Having said all, a woman always has a choice of not taking that path. Of not getting pregnant or bearing a baby. But, truly, it's her own loss and no one else's. Trust me!

  3. I do check the Stats column but it only shows me the sites one used to reach my blog. And more often than not, the sites are really odd ones and I doubt they are the actual ones. Anyways, I think it's better I don't know. Keeps me less paranoid. Else, I would be checking it more often.

    For enabling comments, I did do that for one of ur posts, but then it lead to lot of mailers to my inbox which I don't really like, so I switched it off… But, I guess I can enable them for my posts. Not much traffic here 🙂 Thanks!

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