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This was my second Karvachauth. And it went successful. 

I’m pretty bad at keeping fasts. Those who meet me on a daily basis know it pretty well that I cannot skip my meals. No matter what. No matter I’m having a bad work-day, an emotionally challenging day, or a totally mad-day, I cannot skip my meal. Not even one, forget all three. Just before the Karvachauth, when the Navratras were going on, people asked me, you can’t keep these, how did you manage Karvachauth. And the answer was “I don’t know, maybe these are the first years of my marriage and I love my husband enough to survive the day 😉 “.

This was my answer anytime anyone asked me. But, I never believed much in it. Too practical to believe in things like Love…
Perhaps, the reason was that my MIL doesn’t force me to keep it strictly. She eats in the morning, gets me things I like, like Kalakand etc for the sargai. Then, she allows us to have water, tea and fruits at 4.00 when we do the Pooja. Maybe that’s the reason I manage the day till the end. This is what I thought till this KV.

But, this time, I was amazed. It was Karvachauth. It was Saturday and we were shifting house so all the shifting had to be done. Since the shifting had to be done within those two days of the weekend, we couldn’t afford to waste a day. So, I was all running here and there, packing everything, pushing cartons and all. Plus, to top it all, it was the time of the month which is common agony of being a woman. 

When the day started, I had a feeling that this day is a challenge, let’s see how I fair. And, surprisingly, apart from a weak moment around 1.00 PM, after which I took a nap for an hour, I was fine. 

When the day ended and I looked at the moon in the sky and the moon/sun/stars of my life, I was forced to believe, it’s indeed the love which survives me through it.

And, I have a feeling that when the love fades, the day will not go through either. Only time will tell.

Till then, wait-n-watch! 🙂


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  1. Hey Swati, apologies about the hurt it caused…i have changed the font color to grey and the font is calibri now…earlier it was georgia, i think georgia wasnt easy on eyes and white color was harsh, i hope the current one is better?

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