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and he starts to sit

On 5th Nov’2011, me and Tarun are sleepy and want Anay to sleep. But, he’s all in play mood. He won’t sleep. Tarun forces him down to bed so that he sleeps. And, whoosh!! He turns around and sits back…on his own.
We both look at each other, recollecting what we just saw…whether we were too much in sleep to imagine all of that or we actually saw that. And, we both laughed giving a hi-five to each other. Then, we reason that perhaps Tarun was holding his legs that ways that he could get up coz of that and brush away the thought.
But, in the coming two days, he clears all doubts. He grapples, turns the sheets in and out, but manages to sit up ..all by himself 🙂 🙂
It’s a new development and it is a wonderful feeling 🙂



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