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he is a snail now :P

Nov 14th, 2011, Anay begins to show some signs of crawling. He doesn’t do precise ‘ghutman’ as we call it. He messes up the bedsheet to move towards the object, which mostly is a mobile 😛

It’s lovely to see him keep going to and fro, behind the phone, across the bed. You keep the object in approachable, visible area and he’ll surely go behind it. He’ll sit, then fall towards the object, then move his legs a bit in absurd ways and then sit again, a lil closer to the object. And, he keeps doing the loop till he reaches his destination. His destination is to ‘eat’ that mobile. Right now, he just wants to put everything in his mouth, whether it’s a cloth, whether it’s a toy, whether it’s a utensil, or it’s a mobile. 

Also, he specifically enjoys when I call him ‘ganda, hat gande’ (bad boy, get away bad boy :P). He finds special fun there. 😀
He loves playing ‘tiger tiger’ with me. I love to bite (not exactly with my teeth but just with my mouth) his cheeks and he also does the same. I totally mouth them in. He superbly enjoys it and I enjoy it just the way Edward must have enjoyed Bella. 😛 Some fun, some refrained. 
So, in return, he opens his mouth, ready to bite me, without teeth (Haahaha!) wherever he can. In this, he has even slashed my lip once with his mighty nails. I cherish that cut on my upper lip. 🙂 😛 

I have always referred to him as ‘my cub’ on networking sites. I want him to be like a tiger (symbolically, of course). So, I love him when he does anything like that. I don’t want him to be super-cute, super-sensitive and super-caring like his father. I don’t mind anything else being in him but just that. Want him to be more strong and rough-tough. Plus, I want him 6-feet. 😀 My brother is, and I just love it. 
It’s not that I don’t like the traits of Tarun. I don’t mind him getting his cute looks (in childhood), I don’t mind if he inherits the humility, the maturity, the soft-spoken, the care for his mom, but I just want the height, the looks and the heart to be different. Heart has to be mine + Tarun. For sure!! 🙂

If he gets even some part of the manly-me, he’ll be what I want him to be. 🙂 Am sure he will.


2 thoughts on “he is a snail now :P

  1. No pressure there. Coz there's nothing that I or he can do about it. It's just a wish which only time can tell, if it'll be fulfilled or not. But, even if it isn't fulfilled, he remains my son, and I adore him. 🙂

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