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naadaa love

Anay completely adores matter where they are, he will go behind it and get it into his mouth. His adulation for this is so crazy that if he has to chose between a mobile and a naada, he’ll go behind the naada.
He sees his own nappy’s naada, he’ll pull it and start mouthing it. He sees mine, he starts playing with it, trying his best to get into his mouth. Silly boy.
He always had a penchant for necklaces. I never knew that it was actually his naada love that drove him towards them. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚
Lallu beta mera.

And, btw, yesterday he got his birth certificate registered with the name of “Anay”
So he his formally, officially, medically and ever-lly Anay Aggarwal now.
Sounds cool na!? “AA”. As I always wanted it to be. Ever since my pregnancy.

While Anay was in my womb, I had decided on two names Anay, or Avni.
If it had been a girl, I wanted to name her Avni and for a boy, Anay.
And why both from A, coz I wanted the surname and first name to have the same initials – so ‘A’.
πŸ™‚ Silly reason but that’s how it was for me.


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