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Today I’m in a mood to post n post n post. Let’s see how much I am able to actually do.

First, it’s my birthday today and am one of those who absolutely loves to be treated like a queen on this day. Never mind that I remain same on others too 😛 Anyways, on this day, you MUST remember to wish me, say good things about me, wish me loads, and bring a special gift for me.

I’ve always had special affection for gifts. I know, everyone has it. But mine is a little far-fetched. I don’t just want any gift. I want my near-ones to think a lot about the gift and gift me something than shows this is all about me. Something they know from my endless talks that I needed. Something they know I’ll definitely like because I had wanted it since so long. Or, something just because I adore it, no matter how many in number I have. 
This is because I give the same kind of attention when I gift my loved ones. I never gift just for the sake of it. I gift after thinking of the person, and then the memories are most cherish-able. Both by the person receiving it and mine, because it brings great amount of satisfaction to me. To see them smiling, to see them feel so special.
AND, it has to be a surprise. 

Now, if you’re a guy then you would definitely think, “O Lord, bless his husband. He must be having a hard time keeping this lady happy.” 😀 Well! I agree. It must be tough for him. But then he’s getting a great thing in return, and that’s me 🙂 🙂

Well! Last year my husband gifted me a lot. He tried everything in his capacity to make me feel special. And, he succeeded, if you’re thinking about that. The thing I liked the most was that he wrote a love-letter for me. Something soo not him and sooooo me! 🙂

This year, however, he hasn’t been able to. Atleast not yet. Am hoping he comes out with something. 🙂

People generally question what’s good about birthdays. Why should one be so happy about it. After all, it’s an year reduced in your life. Sadists! Actually, they are ones who haven’t yet understood the philosophy behind it.
1. These are just ways to celebrate. You can find your unique days or reasons to celebrate but you can’t be sure that everyone would like to share your reasons of celebration. These are commonly followed. So, y not follow and enjoy!?
2. An year less in life…well, how many years you’ll live, do u know? Then how do u know it’s an year less in what date. Live the day, don’t live the past, present, future.
3. Most important, it’s a way of thanking God for giving another year, the new year, to know about yourself. About life. About the mysteries of human life. About this life and after-life. About learning. About unlearning. About growth. About loss. About emotions. About mother nature. To visit more places. To live more happy moments. To say “I love you” to your loved ones. 

“Where is the time to hate, there is so little time to love. Come’on let’s sing, com’on let’s dance. Com’on let’s play..o meri jaaan”


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