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FB Status Update

My mind is full of status updates today. Since people will call me a crack-head on FB, I’m throwing myself on Blogger.

1. People lose touch or drop a friendship on petty things these days. They don’t understand how much time they had spent in building that beautiful relation, once upon a time. They will never get time to re-build those, ever!

2. I wasn’t born an adult. I’ve grown-up and matured through the years, as everybody else. So, if you think I’m the same girl who was so foolish so many years ago, we know whose the fool here.

3. I want some ‘me’ time desperately!!!! 
Just because I want some personal space, some time alone, or have something to share with someone else except you doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It does NOT mean I’m moving away from you. And, it isn’t that bad either. Try it!

4. Rati Mehra : Just because you missed my birthday even after asking me my birthday date a week before my birthday, doesn’t mean you’ve to stop talking to me at all. I’m not going to kill you. You just need to say Sorry, hear me hurl abuses at you for some time, and get over it, dumbass!!! Saying sorry isn’t that bad! 😦

5. With Ranbir Singh’s Aadat se Majboor and John’s Dostana, we may just have pit boys being hired for the next F1. Guys, you’re doing just greattttt!!!!  😀

6. Ranbir Singh, plzzzz let me be the next!!!!

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