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Just yesterday I mentioned on how am feeling guilty about not telling Tarun about the novels am reading at office. And, today, he calls me, and asks me “What’s the name of the novel you reading?” And, I swear, I didn’t mention even an ‘a’ of the novel to him. 

I was all the time itching to tell him and then tell him the story of the novel. HAHAHA! 
Perhaps, he got it when I said “Ya, am working, thoda thoda”. The thoda-thoda gave me away, I guess 😀

I guess in a husband-wife relationship it’s impossible to lie. You are so easily caught. But, it’s fun!!! We just love to do this novel-story-telling activity. This way he gets to hear a new story and I get to re-live my experience of reading the novel. With harry potter, I practically told him even the dialogues Snape said or the curses Harry used!
God, it’s year end and a happy year it was!

Wish you all a very happy new year and a merry merry christmas! 🙂

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