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Shut-down period

Tarun’s shut down begins a week before mine. So, this week was when he stayed at home while I went to office. This has given Tarun and Anay some quality time together. While Tarun felt tired and exhausted by this baby-sitting in the first two days, he started enjoying it all in the third day. He took Anay to the park in afternoon. Winter afternoons, lazy, laid back, sun shining down on you, and your son toddling around, crawling here n there on the grass.
He called me to share the experience, and more likely, to make me jealous. But, having experienced such a thing myself, I was more happy and content. 🙂 
The bad side is that initially, when I used to get home, Anay used to be waiting eagerly for me but ever since his father was home all day, he totally stopped. 😦 Yesterday, when I reached, Tarun was out for some work, and I got to enjoy time with Anay again, the same way. 🙂
All’s well that ends well! 🙂

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