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Nani visit

Since it was shut-down time for me, I and Anay went to my Mom’s place. The plan was to spend the entire holidays there but we had to return home early. All in all, we spent 4 days there and 3 days back home. 

This was a revelation time for me. Anay has started recognizing people and places. He was so cranky and insecure at mom’s place. The moment we reached there, he got fevicol glued to me .Literally. He just wouldn’t leave me. If he’s sitting and playing, and someone enters the door, he starts crying. He wants to be in his mother’s arms and feel safe. He created havoc before he went to sleep. He would cry so hard, so loud and only in my arms. One night it so happened that I rocked him to sleep in my lap, and the moment I put him down on bed, he would wake up and start crying. He did thrice. Then, he didn’t stop crying for almost 30 minutes. Then, when Pranshu came, distracted him, played with him, he calmed down and got busy playing. It was mad. I was so tired and so drained out by the end of it, I couldn’t even keep awake to wait for him to sleep again. He just kept playing by my side on the bed while I slept. Then he slept in around half-n-hour or so.

When Tarun came on Wednesday to take us back home, he wouldn’t stay calm even in his arms. He wanted me. It would have been nice a feeling in normal circumstances, but I was so damn tired in the past 4 days, of holding him in my arms all the time, or cradling him to sleep while he howled and cried loud, that I was all the more sad to see that he wasn’t comfortable with Tarun. I was dreadful that if this continues, what will I do. My back was aching so much that I came to know of joints in my spine, that I never knew of. Everything was aching in me.

Anyways, thankfully, he only took some time before getting easy again. When we returned home, he took some time before getting easy with Amma-Baba and then got back to his normal. Now, he does need me off and on but doesn’t just stick to me all the time. So, it’s a happy feeling for me. An amazing feeling now to see him drooling his love over me. Falling on me to sleep again, when awake in the middle of his sleep. Circling his body around me. 🙂


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