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Hyderabad – some ‘me’ time

I’m sitting in the plush Novotel Hotel in Hyderabad. No matter what our standards are, it’s good the corporate companies allot you the best hotels to reside in when out for company work. 🙂

Tarun had to come to Hyderabad to attend the VLSI conference. I accompanied him with my sweety pie, Anay. Now, when Anay is sleeping peaceful and snug in the comfy bed, I sit relaxed, blogging, socializing (on FB, of course, what else do u mean by socializing!!? :P), reading novels – doing exactly what I like. The hotel room has a nice full scape glass wall at one side and a perfect love seat with ottoman, next to it. Overlooking Anay sleeping at one side and beautiful surroundings outside through the glass on another, I’m enjoying the beautiful life I have. Wow! Life’s wonderful. 🙂

The conference is for 3 days. Three complete days of motherhood and me time. 🙂 Bliss!

Another note: I really liked Hyderabad people. I found them quite helping. I now understand what Northies miss that they are so ridiculed by the South Indians or people at large. It’s the humanity and the basic trust among people that we don’t have, but these people do. It’s nice. 🙂 Salute to you, Hyderbadis! 


5 thoughts on “Hyderabad – some ‘me’ time

  1. I agree with you about the hyderabadi goodness.. My family had been the recipient of their kindness for half a year.. when my brother had an accident and bed arrested there in a hospital, the hyderabadi friends gave us a flat, sweaters, utensils, their presence and moral support.. which we can never forget! And the hyderabadi biriyani is delicious.. tank bund is so good to look at, but i still remember the stink!!!
    tc and keep writing:)

  2. @Chintan: Love for one shades the other 🙂
    @Pygma: You got a closer look though through a sad reason. In six months, u get to know quite a major deal about a place or its people. But, to get to know of the goodness in just a 4 day trip is awesome. Hats off to Hyderabadis!! 🙂

  3. Ya Pavani, I think Hyderabadis are really amazing people. I'm deeply impressed. I visited a couple of places like Hussain Sagar Lake, Birla Temple, etc. And, I did have paradise biryani. How could I miss it, being a Saggitarian foody! 🙂 😀

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