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“Attention is Nourishment”

This is a snippet I found on web. Found it really amazing. Keeping here for my reference.

The general belief is that the first nourishment a new born gets is the mother’s milk. I believe it’s her mother’s joyful, blissful attention that nourishes the child. Look at the religious places that are thronged and have such devotion in the God’s residing therein. The faith and worship is so intense and eternal that even if God himself appeared and declined it, he would be embarrassed no end. What gives only some places (Ajmer Sharif, Tirupati, Amritsar Golden Temple) such divine bliss, pull & power. It is the pure, undivided, intense attention poured in by devotees on that piece of stone or cloth. The celebrities are nourished by the attention of their followers, fans which gives them their unique aura, that presence. In these attention deficit-ed times, our attention is divided among many options of things and people. Parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances etc. is a huge human network important for survival. And Books, TV, Mobile, Internet etc. are forced attention seekers. Then to add to it are the daily chores. Multitasking is not a skill but a forced disease. Hence we see so much mediocrity. We are in least control of ourselves. We can’t command our own senses and mind. Nourish and get nourished. Pay pure attention to things without thinking of what else you could have done at that moment. Listen and see people with complete with undivided attention and you will never forget names and their qualities. Living every moment to the fullest means being present in that moment with complete attention of all your senses. Tonight when you have that dinner, that’s all you should have. No TV, no mobile, no discussions. When you brush your teeth in the morning no music, no news paper, just pure and complete attention. I hope you got the message. Your attention is too precious. Perhaps that’s why they call it “paying attention”.

– Seventh Sense

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