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Tomorrow, it’s Anay’s mundan ceremony. Ever since he was born, I’ve seen him with hair. Somehow it is scaring me to see him all bald. I know it must be just a couple of days till he remains that and he’ll regrow them soon enough (hope so!!). But, it is still a scary feeling.
When his hair had grown a little bit too much, I had put a rubber band on his hair to control them. But, even then, the change in his hair style made him loo so naughty, so clever, I removed the rubber band soon. I would rather put the clip at a side than make a fountain pony on the top of his head. 
If such a slight change can irk me so much, how will I handle it tomorrow.
God, be with me!

2 thoughts on “Mundan

  1. Ohh! It was a nightmare. He cried and cried and cried, all through the time. It takes almost 40-50 minutes to be over with the process and your child just doesn't stop. No matter how much you try to humor him or distract him, he doesn't stop wailing, and it's a heart-breaking experience. Kids don't like being put-down or held-stiff by anyone, and that's exactly what they do. My elders tell me it'll remain same way for a couple of years. I dread salon-visits now for my sweety.

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