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What is it about road sense or directions and women? 
Why do people react as if they have seen a woman strip, if they see her ‘knowing’ directions. Well, the jaw drops as much! Trust me.
Well, I am a woman who knows her way. I understand which cut to take when am travelling on familiar roads. I do not forget or get lost if I’ve to travel back to my home alone.

Today, when travelling to office, I was sitting in the front seat. The driver was new and had to be told directions. The person sitting at the back seat, thought that I wouldn’t be knowing it at all, so he kept shouting the directions to the driver, for around 5 minutes. Now, in the morning, I like a peaceful drive to office. So, I silently started giving directions to the driver, with my hands, and sometimes vocally. The colleague stopped giving directions, thankfully.

But, even without turning my back, I could see/feel his eyes boring into my back, wide open with shock!
He was shocked that a girl could know/remember the directions so well. I was thinking inside my head, that I can give you alternate two routes to office, also. And I bet, you wouldn’t be knowing one of them yourself!
So, fuck off!!
What the heck man!!!

At my office too, in my team, there’s one girl. She lives just 5 minutes away from office. Almost everyone who comes to office, must be coming crossing her home. It is that near. And, she proudly says, “I do not know my route back home. I just sit in the office cab and wait for the cab driver to drop me. I don’t care to see the route around.” 
I never ridiculed her on this nonsense/absent-mindedness. But, the other day, when we were going out for a party and I was telling the directions to my Manager (who was driving). She again said, I don’t even know the directions from office to home.
$%^%^&@^!$%. This time, she asked for it. 
Well, if you’re a fool, that doesn’t mean all the women on this earth are fools, Madamouiselle!

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