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More wounds :(

Anay has started getting very naughty. He wants to be up and around all the time now. He’s completed 10 months today.
A few days ago, Mji was preparing some milk and biscuit for him. She had heated the milk with him in her hands. She just placed him in his high-chair so that she could dip the biscuit into the milk, break it and then feed him. In this short span of time, with her standing right next to him, he stood up in the chair, lost his balance and fell, right to the ground, with his head hitting the floor, at back.
I was gone to change clothes. I had just returned from office. And, when he fell, I had just came out. I saw him falling. The fall kept playing in my head for ennumerous times in these past days. It gives me jitters every time I remember it. My head gets dizzy whenever I think of  it. It’s like I’m experiencing the fall every time.
Well, nothing much happened to Anay. Thank God for that. He cried for a minute. And, then got dizzy. He wanted to sleep. But, Mji said this is the time they faint. So, you should keep them awake whenever anything like this happens. So, we took him down in the open. We rushed to the nearest doctor, just to be sure, everything was fine, with him. But, unfortunately, the doctor was out of station.
Anyways, we contacted our pediatrician, who lives a little far from our house. He asked us the regular symptoms and said, everything’s fine. So, we relaxed. But, it will remain as a nightmare.

Yesterday, he was on his way to another accident but we saved it in time. He has this walker (the three tyred walker, that’s better for kids, these days). He loves it totally. So, anytime he sees it, he holds it and wants to walk. But, he’s not practiced enough to walk with it, single-handedly. So, I usually make it a point to keep it away from his reach, whenever we’re not playing with it. Yesterday, Pji accidentally left it on the ground and forgot. He rushed to it and had already started walking when I saw him. Thank God, I saw it in time. Can’t take another one so soon.

I know kids keep falling, keep getting bruised. But, honey pie, you’re still too small. Please, give mamma some more time to be prepared for all this.
I need to be very careful now. Very Very careful.
God, be with me! And more with him!!


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