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Stand, Walk, Run

Now Anay has only one ambition in front of him – to walk. 😀
He’s totally unstoppable these days. He hasn’t been able to stand or walk properly right now but he constantly keeps trying. Whatever amount he can walk, crawl, he uses it to his maximum ability, to reach to new objects.
He’s able to stand up with the help of stuff, like table, chair etc so he would use those and stand up and start reaching out to objects on top of it. The dressing tables and the drawers are all reachable targets now for him.
You need to keep a constant check on where he might be.
He’s started crawling beneath the dining table and the chairs. You lose sight of him for a minute and you would have lost him totally. Then, you keep looking. Coz, right now, he can’t respond. If you call out his name, he’ll look towards you but he won’t come to you. So, if you don’t see in his direction, you don’t know where to find him.
Just the other day, he went running behind something and Mji was in the other room. By the time, she came to the Drawing room, he was nowhere. She called out to him but of course, he won’t answer! So, she looked everywhere to find him sitting and waiting for her, behind the Sofa!
It’s fun and it’s scary. 🙂
He is so happy when he can stand for a short span of few seconds. He looks at us for approval and happiness. And, are we happy!? His Dad is always overjoyed whenever he sees him standing by himself for even 3 seconds. For me, the fun has faded a bit but I still feel happy. But, not as much as him. 🙂

He’s also realized that switches are for starting and shutting the fans and the lights. Two days ago, we got a switch board fitted near the bed as it was more convenient. Now, we feel like it was a big mistake. Every time Anay is on the bed, he can’t wait to reach to the switch board. Now, since the board is at the side of bed, there are fair chances that he would fall off the bed if we leave him unnoticed. God!! You can never be enough cautious with kids.
Now, when he falls or hits himself, I don’t even worry as much.

I guess that’s part of being a boy’s mom. You ought to get used to this! 🙂

Did I mention that he loves to walk with his walker? He even tries to turn it at corners but can’t do it as yet 🙂
Also, we play hide-n-seek with him. 😀 We call out to him and hide in one of the rooms and he comes running-while-crawling all over. It’s our favorite play these days. We get tired of it but he doesn’t. 😀


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