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Comparison, Competition and Balance

The world nowadays is marred with lot of vices. And, as a kid, the worst of it, that you will face, is comparison and competition. People, both parents and kids, are running crazily behind things just because everyone else is doing it. It’s wrong.
I was born in an environment where competition and comparison was a way of life. I know it’s consequences and I know it’s damages. The idea behind telling a child about competition is because it puts pressure on the child to do better. Peer Pressure. I’m still working on getting rid of the scars.

I.. would rather like you to do things naturally. I want you to feel driven for things and not pushed for them. If you do something, do it because ‘you’ ‘want’ to do it. Don’t do it because someone else is doing it. And, don’t do it because you have to do it.
Of course, there are things which you will have to do because that’s part of our culture or society. And, trust me, if things happen my way, I’ll allow you the freedom to question those and take your decisions there too. But, that will happen when the time comes. When you’re mature enough to make your decisions. But, till then, you’ll have to trust your parents.

Competition these days is growing like tsunami. It is engulfing and destroying everyone in its tides. As you grow up, you’ll see children preparing for Engineering Entrance Exams right from Class 6th. That is the kind of preparation that has already started!! God knows by the time you get into school, they would have created programs for kids in Nursery too! Phew! I wonder what it will be like for ‘your’ kids 😛

Honey, enjoy your life. Enjoy the present. Leave the future to itself. Have goals if you really want something. Prepare for it. But before that, know the life, know the world, look at the beautiful world ‘God’ created. Not just the one ‘Man’ created. The songs of birds, the love of a mother for her child, the colors of the flowers, the dew in the morning, the first sunshine, the cool breeze, the twinkling stars at the night. The purity. Follow your passion, Follow your heart. Understand what you want to do in life.Don’t be like your mother, who is 27 and still searching for what her real passion is 🙂 😀 Be like her to not stop searching for it, as long as it may take!

I must mention here, life is about maintaining a balance. At every point in your life, you’ll have to maintain a balance. When you’re a kid, you’ll have to do your homework and you would want to go playing too. Keep a balance. When you grow up, you would have work of office and you would want to spend time with your family too. Keep the balance. If you learn to keep the balance from childhood, you’ll not face a problem handling it later in life. Prioritize things and then follow the schedule you made for yourself. A certain amount of discipline doesn’t just brings success, it brings more happiness too.

Follow that and live your life king size. I’m there to fend for it. No, I don’t want you to be a brat or an irresponsible child. Be responsible for your actions. If you have done something, stand up for it. Don’t be a coward and lie to get away from the results. Owe up to them and never regret what you did. When you do that, you will never do anything that you’ve to hide from anyone. But other than that, do everything that your heart tells you to do. If you think it’s right, don’t think about what others’ right is. If you think doing something is more important than attending an examination, then do it. Explain it to me later and son, I’ll understand!

And when you grow up, show the world your true colors. Show them it doesn’t matter if you got 100/100 in Maths or Chemistry. What is needed is a clear vision and a passion for the things that actually matter. Be an example that life is not about cramming text books. It’s about learning from the world on a day-to-day basis and then dealing with it on the world’s conditions.And, making your rules for the world to follow, later!

Go Tiger!!


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