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Determined Anay

There’s a adage in Hindi, “poot-kapoot ke pair paalne mein dikhayi de jate hain

Anay has not just inherited his Dad’s looks, he has inherited his temper and  his determination too. Tarun is quite adamant when he decides on something. And no one can deter him if he’s decided on it.
Anay watches TV like a lost world. Even if you wave your hand in front of his eyes, he’ll just move around your hand, but not take his eyes off it. It’s quite amazing to watch him do that.

One day Tarun decided this cannot be allowed any further. So, while Anay was lost in watching TV, Tarun started bringing a sofa pillow in front of his eyes. Anay moved above the pillow, or moved the pillow aside, every time Tarun did it. Tarun did it almost 7-8 times and Anay persisted all this while. Amazing is to see Anay’s patience and perseverance too. 🙂 😛

Then, Tarun got tired and he moved Anay to face him directly. Tarun tried to scare him with probing eyes, you know, the angry eyes. And, Anay just kept looking at him. And, probed into Tarun’s eyes straight. As if, scaring him back. 😀

I can never forget the look , I can never forget the episode.

Somehow, it makes me think that Anay will turn out to be a focused person and a difficult child to budge 🙂


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