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Ever since I know, I’ve wanted to give the best education to my son. While I understand that a child learns more from his home than his school, I want to ensure that the atmosphere he gets at his school is good too.
Now, there are loads and loads of schools in Delhi and a brand name in their own way. But, with the competition and the business that has got into education, I’m quite perplexed. I don’t know what to do, how to look for the right school for my child. I’m ready to shift my state if need be, for Anay’s schooling. Sounds far fetched? But, that’s how desperate the situation is.

More than the name, I want Anay to get a school where he can explore his potential. He can try various things and find out what he likes most. Now, most schools have various extra-curricular activities in their curriculum but I find many of the new additions, quite irrelevant. While I don’t mind Anay learning golf or horse-riding, I find them included just because they are expensive. I think the simple sports like football, skating etc can also be equal fun to the child. I mean, schools used to take kids to out-bound trip because they were a good experience for kids to go out of the parents’ care and security. But, now schools have International trips to arrange for that. I don’t see any sense or reason on why a trip needs to be international and cannot be in-country.

Do you understand the predicament? The point is schools are getting more materialistic and are drifting from the idea of teaching values, ideas to kids. They are more involved in making things attractive and popular for parents. More ideas on how to extract more money from the parents.
Another example: Schools telling parents that at the end of the play-school year, we’ll give you a hard-bound photo album of your kid playing in school. If a parent wants to opt out of the option (thanks to digi-cams, parents have loads of clicks of their kid in action), then that’s not possible. Also, how can schools do “Only these students have paid for the album, so rest of you, shoo!”

So, the schools themselves are bringing in more and more ways of putting inferiority/superiority complex in kids. Teaching them that what it means to have money or not to have money, or having a rich dad/poor dad.

Man! Am quite concerned. I don’t want to send Anay to any such school. I want him to go to a school where the concentration is more on giving him a healthy environment than a wealthy one.

Any ideas on how I can find out such a school?On where I can find info about the various schools.

Desperate Mom!

6 thoughts on “Schools

  1. This totally sucks! It has all become business these days. Education –> Business.

    Whatever is happening these days, simply scares the shite out of me. I do not want kids!

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