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The Social Network

In this world of virtual realities, I’m still grappling to find my own. Call it generation gap, if you insist. The world that we grew in consisted of people you met, as part of your world. Today, people you’ve never met, people you may never meet ever, people who were your staunch enemies, people you were happy to be strangers with, all are part of your friend circle. In a way, they are part of your world.

I’ve always believed that the world we live in consists of things ‘you’ personally wish to consist of. If you believe in ghosts, you’ll have ghosts in your life. Whether as a memory of a dark lane, or whether as your darkest fears of your life. If you believe the world is full of miracles by God, you will definitely have one that would have happened in your own life. If you’ve understood the idea, read on.

So, this point of social networking with ‘real’ strangers is odd to me. It brings so many unidentified people and things into my life, of which I’m not aware of. There are people who would be regularly watching over my Facebook Profile or Wall, or reading me regularly on my blog, without my knowledge, least, my permission. I don’t like that. One of my friends, old friends, told me through an e-mail that they read my blog and prefer not to comment. I respect their choice. I am happy that they read and I know about it. But, like them, there must be others, who read and do not comment, and ‘should not’ be here. I dislike that.

All the hollywood movies that I’ve seen ‘Enemy of the state’, ‘I.Robot’ et al come to my mind, making me revisit what all I’ve written here. Whether there’s anything I shouldn’t have… I just want to write, have some friends/genuine people read, who have no other intention than to read the writings of fellow humans, and no other purpose of following/stalking me. I don’t want unknown people.

It was fine till I had no clue about it. But, with recent blogger profile, I know there are people, number much more than my follower list, who read me, without my knowledge. Thanks to Stats section.

What is it that I can do. 


5 thoughts on “The Social Network

  1. Tone down the writings where you feel you may be judged by people whom you wouldn't be able to explain and yet who would make a difference in your life…

  2. Sounds reasonable but for one, I don't expect/want my near ones to be here. This is my personal space to vent out my feelings and I wish to do that uninhibited.
    Secondly, the discomfort is not for people who matter, but thousands other who don't matter, and whom I don't even know, but who may come in later in my life and claim to know things which I may not want them to know.
    For example, I talk about my MIL and vent out my frustration here but I would not like anyone coming to me and telling me things about her. I would never appreciate it, I would never want it. Yet, I need this vent. More often than not, I write about my personal problems, which is like throwing them out of me. But, the least of all is someone coming to me and telling me, 'Hey, I know what's going on in your married life'. That's the problem I'm talking here.

  3. Another (though not so stranger) here who's just read your blog 🙂
    Welcome to e-world dear! I know it's annoying, I have spent hours thinking, messing around my thoughts/concerns over this too.. but then realized its not worth it! At far as social networking sites go, like fbn and all, I have developed this constant habit of filtering my friends list from time-to-time. Trust me, it helps. There's no point pretending to be friends when you are not, and sending clear message on this has helped me.

    Regarding blogs, unfortunately, there's not much flexibility of managing security, it's an open world, unless this is taken as a feedback by the blogger site & smthing is done about it.

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