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Interviews and Confidence

I’m quite in high spirits these days. And, it all can be contributed to a couple of calls I took last Friday.

I had a call with my US Manager. Ever since I joined my current company, I used to have one-to-one calls with her occasionally but I was never comfortable with her. Reasons?
1. I never met her and she was supposed to be my manager. I think I feel more comfortable talking to someone once I’ve seen a person’s eyes.
2. We never got time to talk beyond professional work. I think I need some personal touch to the work relation, even if it’s from a distance. I don’t need to be knowing your children’s friends name, but I definitely need some sort of personalization, when I start working with you.

On Friday, we had a long call and I spoke of things quite open-heartedly. It was the first time I spoke candidly and openly with her. Feeling relieved, content and happy. Not to mention, she appreciated my work and felt I put in a lot of passion to my work. I was so happy on hearing this word from her. I don’t know why but it really is the first thing that comes to my mind, when I think of our conversation, and the reason why I could be so happy. Despite the fact that she turned down my request for promotion, that I seriously needed in my career plans. But, she’s a good manager and brought a lot of things to perspective. There were no false lies, no false promises, no round-round talks, beating around the bush. I really like that in professionals working in US. They will be open about the facts. All in all, happy and excited about my work.

Second thing that happened on Friday was an interview. I have been taking couple of interviews outside my company, just for the sake of analysing my performance, and my position in the industry. Tarun suggested me to this direction. 2 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine myself doing such a thing. Interview, that too, for practice. Totally, so not me! 🙂
But, I’ve given interviews for 3 companies, like this now. Multiple technical rounds. Right till HR. And, the least I can say about this experience is – enriching. I have not passed in all of them. I failed in one. That one was really a good experience. I passed through in two. I’m waiting for the offer letter, pretty much. But, I know I’m not going there.

I am happy to see myself content with my work here. I am happy to see that I’m in no hurry to switch just for the sake of money or better position. Of course, I’ll be getting both. I am happy to see that there’s an expert in me in Technical Domain in Electronics. This means a lot. And, I owe this feeling totally to my better half. No kidding. No formalities. Truth to the core.

Happy Happy!


2 thoughts on “Interviews and Confidence

  1. hehe…interviews for elder sister used to do it too…nice to see u r happy with ur work…nai to everyone keeps on whining about their work, generally…

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