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Touched, Amused, Surprised and Shocked!

It’s been quite some time since I posted. A lot has been happening but I just didn’t feel like writing. Pinterest and DIY has caught my fancy these days 🙂
Anay is 1 year old now. His birthday went fine. Not as great as I expected but fine. Perhaps, too much scheming spoils the fun.
Anyways, ever since Anay’s birthday has crossed, and ever since he’s started walking, he’s become one heck of a child to parent. God! He’s totally un-put-down-able. He is always on the move.
He doesn’t mind going in dark, empty rooms. He wants to touch and feel every thing in the house. He knows if he points to an object, people understand he wants that, and give in to his demands. He walks, he falls, he gets up, walks again.
Too much activity. I ask him often “Anay, what were you doing for the past one year? And, what has got into you now!?” 😀
But, it’s fun. It’s fun to watch him. It’s heart-warming to see him all around and full of things.

There are lot of petty small things he’s been doing.
1. When I return home from office, I have a habit of touching parents’ feet. I do that everyday. I never thought Anay noticed. But, as children notice everything, he did too. He saw me come in the house, he kept playing. He saw me touch mom’s and amma’s feet. He walks towards me, leaving his play, and gets down to my feet and touched them with both his hands. And, then he looks up, smiling. Ohh God! The feeling, the moment, is totally inexplicable. Totally Totally Godly. 🙂
2. Anay has taken to keys. He’s so obsessed with them that he wants one whenever he sees one. He loves the crankling sound they make. He knows where the key hanger is. He would come to you, get into your arms, and point to the key hanger. He’ll keep making ‘ummmm’-‘ummmm’ till you give him one. The ‘ummm’s keep increasing in intensity from want to demand to anger. Phew!! So much for a one year old. He won’t let you do whatever you’re doing till you fulfill his demand. It’s never a request. Damn, how do people discipline kids. For now, I find it totally impossible to deter him from something. If he wants something, he wants it, and you cannot deviate him.
3. He’s realized that spoon and bowl make sound together. Now, he comes into the kitchen and asks for one to play with. I mean, you would think that how can a 1-yr old who cannot speak, ask for something so specific. Wait till you have one. You’ll understand that they can pretty well do that. Amazing communication skills they have.
4. He’s learnt to say ‘No’. Not exactly speak out ‘No’ but to shake his head and do a ‘no’. Initially, I thought he enjoys my hair waving, coz he started doing it when I got a hair cut. But, now I realize that he sees me doing a ‘no’ with my head shaking, so much, that he’s learnt that early. 😀 Now, when I try to teach him to say yes by nodding his head, he refuses to learn that. Another tool in his arsenal to tell that he doesn’t want to eat something. I’m having a tough time feeding him. 😐
5. Now, since he enjoys playing with keys and keep playing with them for hours, he plays with them and leaves them anywhere in the house. Now, then it gets difficult to find them. So, FIL tries to take it from them. He politely asks Anay to give them to him. He puts his hand forward hoping that Anay will keep the keys into his hand. Now, this smart ass, what he does is, puts the keys into GrandPa’s hand and quickly snatches it away. 🙂 He’s given and he’s not given. How do kids get so smart!?? I would expect a kid to not give the key and run away with it. Or, ignore the request. But, putting into his hand, holding the fingers tightly so that GrandPa cannot close the fist, and snatching away the key…this is totally unfathomable for me. :-O

Swati Garg – Better fasten your seat belts. You have one heck of a ride ahead.


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