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A thought triggered by Richard Bach

I am reading ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach. A sudden thought struck me while reading it, yesterday.

We all have heard that the Hindu Mythology says that a person goes through ‘chaurasi lakh yoniyan’ (84 lacs species/births as non-humans) before he gets a human body again.
We mostly believe that the number refers to our lives as animals, or other species on this earth. But, I had a different possibility that struck me.
Is it possible that it refers to not different species on this earth but our births in 84 lacs different cosmos. That is, we are born in Milky Way once, then we die and travel to a different realm, or whatever that’s called, cosmic region.
So, in a way, Hindu Mythology is telling us that there are 84 lac more realms apart from Earth, where life exists, travelling in space, without our knowledge. Maybe, just maybe, some day we get to know them. Just like we came to know about elements, then atom, then proton/neutron/electron and now we know that even an atom consists of many more than just those three.


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