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Breed of Men

What’s with the new breed of men?! Or, is it that they have always been like that and that’s why called ‘Men are from Mars’!
Well, I sincerely feel appalled by their attitude and fail to understand the perspective.
Recently, some incidents have happened which brought to the fore, the man’s no-interest in moving from hometown, or leaving parents, or going for the unknown.
I don’t know what to make of it. Is it their inability to take risks? Is it their fear of losing out on the most important thing in their life – the family (read ‘parents’), or is it pure laziness.
My husband and my brother, both are classic examples I’ve seen. And, after discussing with fellow women, I came to know that it’s the same story everywhere.
You may counter that this brings about a balance between the man and the woman’s relation. But, I beg to differ.
Peace, stability, contentedness are all important but when made a priority over other things, they hamper growth, and make you incapable of grabbing opportunities that could be coming your way.
Tarun says he understands that he’s the content one and am the ambitious one, so that’s good for our relationship. But, I don’t seem to be satisfied with just that answer and knowledge.
I need more action in life than that.
I know parents are important. I know they need to be taken care of. But, if you start twisting your actions and your decisions to make room for them, and when your own personal endeavors start getting affected from that, then I think you need to take the call. You need to understand that moving on is important. What’s with the emotions and the putra-dharma they bring into the debate.
I hate it coz there’s no counter argument to that.
I used to ask Tarun to look for opportunities or try for option outside NCR too. In our industry, the options in NCR are very limited and in early times, you can make good use of the shift. Later on, the same switch may not be as much useful but more burden.
In our first half-year of marriage, it was my fault – it was too early for me to convince him and too early for us to think of switching locations.
In our second half-year of marriage, his reason : I was pregnant and needed all the family support so we should not be talking of location  change.
In our second year, first half- of marriage, his reason: Anay is too small and you cannot even think of working without them, how can you talk of location change!?
Now, when I talk of it, with Anay crossed 1 year, we settled in our marriage, in our jobs…his reason: It’s only now things have settled, I cannot uproot them and the family. Once Anay grows up to 4-5 years, we can think of it. But, not now.
@#%#$&$#!$%#@$^@$&@. Well! I think these are all lame excuses. The basic one is that he won’t move. After 4-5 years, when Anay starts going to school, when parents become more older, who in their right mind thinks, a switch is possible!????
And, my brother, he’s epitome of this syndrome. He left his high paying job and moved to lesser paying  job because the earlier one used to send him to different places for 20 days or so, without any prior notice. At the age of 23, he talks of stability and peace as most important than growth and challenges. :O (I wish I could use some symbol to show my eyes popping out of the sockets!)
And, if you thought this is my specific case, trust me, you’ll be having a similar story to tell once it comes to you.
Lazy Ass Holes!

8 thoughts on “Breed of Men

  1. abhi itna hi likh sakta hun….everyone has different perspective on this is another one by a girl. Have a look. Its from sunday times

  2. Hmmm. That's the girl's perspective. Wat's urs?
    Plus, while I agree with the girl's statement that freedom comes with duties, my point is where and how you decide what is duty and what is a facade.

  3. both sides are quite a FACT!
    But gender, I think has nothing to do about this
    I know women who dislike change and men who are real ambitious
    It just about persons, gender free

  4. what is the main point here, being ambitious or leaving ur parents behind. If its just being ambitious or not then even someone who is ambitious enough to opt for a job far off can bring his/her old parents to stay with him/her once he/she gets settled in the new place. If its just leaving parents for some other reason than that takes it to other level. He will probably keep on finding lame excuses to avoid leaving his parents cause maybe he simply doesn't want to. Or i might be completely wrong 😛

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